My Tech Essentials For Content Creation Abroad

My Tech Essentials For Content Creation Abroad

I’m not joking when I tell you that I was in bed ALL day Saturday. A recent change of life (menopause) has been so disruptive to my productivity. I’m actually writing a series for a major magazine on it.

If you know me a little, you know I didn’t sit idly and consume raunchy romance novels. (Not that I ever did). I spent the day consuming videos by digital nomads who travel for a living and create high quality content.

I take my women leaders to other countries to do their storytelling strategy work. It creates both the mental white space and the calendar space for the brand of thinking Im challenging them to do.

SO–I have to prepare them for travel abroad and offer many tips on what to pack

I recommend these three Youtube channel/content creators who have spent the last 3+ years traveling. They create high value content around the technical equipment that makes them successful.

Bags. camera, power banks, backpacks.

They also include the practical equipment needed for the digital nomad life.

Nicole and Mico

Nik and Allie

Genx Gypsy

As I’m upping my own content creation game and teaching my clients to build their brands, in today’s newsletter, here are the equipment that come with me on every international travel trip, PLUS

A few new things from my day of research from bed:

Bellroy Tech Organizer

My charging cords, portable chargers, airpods and converters all go into this great organizer

Anker Extension Cord

For those moments when the electrical outlet is too far from the bedside table or too far from the desk.

I plug ONE converter into the wall, and can operate multiple devices with this extension cord, which also features USB ports.

Charging bank

I blew out the power in my apartment in Barcelona because I was running my American hairdryer and the clothes dryer at the same time. While we waited on the electrician, I thought about getting this charging bank which I can plug a laptop cord into. It can also wirelessly charge phones.

Laptop Stand


It’s time to elevate out of shooting everything on my Iphone. I’m considering these two cameras, priced the same

Anker portable charger

For now, this comes with me everywhere.


Love that it has 3 USB ports and toggles for any country.

Mobile Hotspot

I’m a little tired of interlopers starting to email me whenever I log into the Laguardia Airport wifi. 

So, I’m trying this mobile hotspot. I had one from T-mobile and it was shit.


I just got a three month free subscription to Audible, which means I don’t leave home with out my airpods ever.


I love my Dagne Dover backpack. It’s light as a feather, made from 29 recycled bottles. It has a great pocket to keep my computer safe. But does it keep my camera safe. SO— I’m considering either of these bags (not cheap BTW)


  1. Backpack 1 by Nomatic
  2. Backpack 2 by Peak Design


My friend and colleague Ruthie Ackerman, a new mom, says one of her favorite indulgences is to shower, get dressed, go to a bar and read.  Me too when solo travelling! My Kindle fits in my Claudie Perlot purse. I’m currently reading Ryan Serhant’s new book.


These aren’t equipment for content creation, but some of the things I gleaned from the Youtube binge.

Personal Care

I’ve had one too many explosions of product in my bags, so I’m experimenting with

I learned it gets me around the TSA liquid restrictions.


Silicon Bags

My nutritionist warned me against airport and airplane food. Both are sodium laden. So now I pack food for both legs in these Stasher bags.

By the way, I learned that the dirtiest place on the plane is not where you think. It’s the pocket on the seat in front of you. Flight attendants say that the cleaning crew only clears out the pockets. They don’t disinfect them. Ewwww.  Buying these

Qline bags in gallon size for me to put everything in for the future.


For my purse at dinner, for my bag on the back of the bathroom door at the airport. For my apartment in Nice, with circuits I can easily blow out, Ill hang a clothesline from two of these carabiner clips to airdry my clothing.

They come in 3 sizes.


I start pounding these before I get to the airport, during the plane ride and after. They give my immune system a much needed boost  

Eye Mask

My silk one, gifted to me by my business coach.

Sound machine

I have this one, but it died. So I have to get a new one.

Beauty organizer

I’m 51 and skincare is a whole THING twice a day. I dare not board any plane with out my regimen of moisturizers, serums, makeup remover, and balms, toothbrush, toothpaste. They all pack nicely into TSA approved Clarity Jetset Case from Truffle.

Wrinkle releaser

I roll all my clothes, so duh. I need this.


Blunt. My friend Kelly turned me onto this brand.


Did you know that if you get your passport so wet that immigration authorities can’t read the important print or see your photo, it can be rendered invalid? 

Simple hack: Carry a plastic bag and keep your passport in it.

I have this leather pouch from Carolina Herrera where I put my passport when I arrive and then throw it in a safe. I don’t remove while i’m away

Another travel folio from Bellroy I have my eye on.

Travel Insurance

Okay this year I will be away from home for 3 months, longer stretches than I ever have. So I am looking into Safety Wing, endorsed by Nicole and Mico who have spent the last 3 years working remotely and built a 60K following on Youtube. 

Founder Jared Schachter created this product as a safety net for digital nomads and remote teams. Nomad Insurance & Remote Health are just the first steps to a global health passport.

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