My 2023 Report Card

My 2023 Report Card

2023 Recap- What Worked, What Didn’t and What’s Next

2023 was a year marked by slow travel. I got to spend 2-4 weeks in France, Italy, Turkey, Spain. I got to visit my long wished for restaurant on my  bucket list. It was a financially successful year having introduced two new products.    I could strategize. Grateful for that.

First 6 and 5 figure months in my business.

What worked well this year: the travel, realizing that I can do with much less, the 100 goals list resonated, the vision boarding,  personal lessons, and my storytelling  resonate high on social media. The VIP Day  in-person experiences, prioritizing my health and mental well being and referrals. The Typeform protecting my energy and time with inbounds. Launching the 2nd newsletter. Solo retreats. Spiritual coach versus traditional therapist. Learning ChatGPT. Content writing.

What didn’t work well:  Clients who didn’t execute on the goals, work. Establish boundaries verbally and lead with curiosity.  Network.

The five marketing strategies that most contributed to making 5 and 6 figure months. 

  1. Writing a ton of content; Posts, newsletters and doing my brand of raw, honest storytelling.
  2. Commenting on content in LInkedin
  3. Reading a ton, saving material in to my Notion
  4. Building relationships
  5. Referrals 

Below, I share a framework I learned from Dr. Ben Hardy, that allows me to reflect on the year that just passed and look ahead to Q1 2024.

Joya Dass – 2023 1-Page Report

2023 Goals – Set November 2022:

  • 4 weeks in Europe – focus on building self awareness and thoughts on solo retreats. Think about the 2024 mastermind curriculum. 
  • Build the body that I can be proud of when I look in the mirror.
  • 14 women in the 2023 Mastermind 
    • Q1 January retreat in New York
    • Q2 May retreat in Tuscany (be sure to take down time for yourself and build into budget)
    • Q3 Storytelling workshop
    • Q4 Members take stage and give TEDx style talks

2023 Report – Done December 22nd, 2023:

  • If I could sum it up 2023, the focus was trying out new format for Mastermind, culminating in a TEDx style talk on a NYC stage in front of a live audience. Success in selling a new product (VIP Day domestic and international), financially successful year, and living in Europe more.
  • Overall – Consistency with workouts. Finally got the body I have always wanted. Consistent weekly check ins to review the week past and week upcoming. Was able to be intentional about planning. Consistent journaling practice.  Peak experiences included Sicily, Paris, villa in Tuscany, Turkey sail, Barcelona, joining the Chamber Orchestra Board. Discovering and starting work with spiritual coach, newsletter coach, content coach. Continued work with business coach. 
  • Q1 Jan, Feb, March. 
      • Palermo, Italy. Joined Chamber Orchestra Board. 
      • Personal White Lotus tour. Was so exhilarating. Hired driver and slept. I was exhausted.
      • Kick off to Mastermind at Casa Duende. In retrospect, too expensive. 
  • Q2 April, May, June
      • Tuscany, Italy. Retreat for Mastermind. 
      • Thought leadership drumbeat consistent, creating content for website
      • Few days in Florence on my own, scoping out for future VIP Day.
      • Paris solo retreat. So amazing for my mind/soul. Introspection time. Just walked the city. Drawing class in Luxembourg gardens was the highlight. Palais Garnier opera house. Pastry class. Musee Dorsay
      • Booked Barcelona VIP Day client
  • Q3 July August Sept
      • 1st male CEO client inbound
      • 1st Global managing director inbound
      • Turkey sail
      • Thought leadership content was consistent. Launched “What I Did Last Week” newsletter on Fridays
      • Hired web guy from Upwork to clean up website
      • Kicked off 8 week story telling workshop with guest judges
      • Created system for content creation. Added Readwise, Pocket, Notion, Typeshare, Hypefury to tech stack
      • Learned how to prompt ChatGPT
  • Q4 Oct, Nov, Dec
    • Grew LInkedin following to 9,000+
    • Grew newsletter open rate to 39%+
    • Menopause hits me hard. Write post and get Worth Magazine writing gig. Signed contract.
    • Storytelling workshop continues. Pleased with guest judge selection
    • Hired spiritual coach, content coach, newsletter coach
    • Emily identified as support for public speaking coaching in 2024
    • Successful TEDx style talk on stage Nov 16th.  
    • Barcelona right after Thanksgiving. Client engagement went REALLY well.
    • Barcelona exploration including the opera house for Maria Callas night tribute 
    • El Celler de can Roca. Crossed long held item off bucket list. The town of Girona!
    • First silent auction for Chamber Board, plus back in time for holiday concert at Carnegie Hall. Upgraded to business class seat on flight home. SO KEY to my productivity.

First draft of 2024 goals (2024 is going to be focused & simple): December 22nd, 2023

  • Build the brand, with cohesiveness across all assets. 
  • “Tell Better Stories about yourself. Build unforgettable executive presence”
  • Be phenomenal. Attract phenomenal.
  • Continued journaling
  • Institute monthly tracking habit vs only weekly tracking
  • Poised for 2024 to be 3-5x financial what 2023 was, focusing only the 20% and not the 80%. 2024 identify the “20%” and go 10x here. BE Future Self, now.
  • Build Twitter account
  • 7 streams of income
    1. Coaching 1:1 Public Speaking
    2. VIP Days Domestic 10 clients NYC or Miami
    3. VIP Days International 4 clients. 1 per quarter.
    4. Mastermind 16 clients
    5. Writing for Worth Magazine
    6. $100K executive presence retainer contract with 1 client. 
    7. Sponsored podcast
  • Get written about in Forbes for what unforgettable executive presence looks like
  • Identified talent for support staff in 2024
  • Continued work with spiritual coach
  • Strength building. Weight lifting.  Health. Treat my body like a temple. 64 oz of water each day. Eliminate alcohol.
  • Read one book a week 
  • Youtube channel strategy >>Keynotes for $35K in 2024
  • 2x investing Focus on becoming antifragile, applying Naseeb Taleb’s barbell strategy. Massively reduce expenses, became lean and laser. Increase cash on-hand.

2024 Q1 “10x” Focus:

  • Close final contracts for 2024 Mastermind with high quality leaders
  • Kick off Mastermind Jan 20th, with an incredible curriculum
  • Close contract with Lisbon February VIP Client
  • Clarity on brand and quality thought leadership to match
  • Time for more research
  • Youtube filming
  • Daily journaling and visioning
  • 2024 Q1 Report:
    • How do I feel. Really great. Calm.
    • Focused on being solid leader/grateful. Being organized and supportive, proactive and engaged

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