My 11 Tips to Building a Six Figure Business

My 11 Tips To Building A Six Figure Business

I spent over 1,000 hours learning to build a six figure business effectively— because college completely failed to teach me.

Here’s everything I learned distilled into 11 points (that you can start applying today):

1/Get clear on the problem you solve.

This is different than the problem you divined in a silo and now are seeking customers for it.

The most successful businesses in the world solve a problem already in the market.

2/ Interview 30 people.

Ask them their pain points around this problem.

My first survey asked women their biggest pain points around public speaking.

3/ Spit those exacting words out in your marketing.

Your future client needs to see herself or himself in the story you are telling.

4/ Share stories of transformations.

How did you get a client from point A to point B ?
What was the result you created? Financial or otherwise. Here’s mine:

5/ Build community around your ‘thing’
You do this by adding value each day with thought leadership.
What are you teaching that comes second nature to you?

6/ Create capture mechanisms for email?
Email newsletter. Freebie lead magnet.

7/ Nurture that community by continuing to post value each day.
When someone comments, likes or shares, DM them. Engage with them.
Build a relationship. It’s a human on the other side. Not a bot.

8/ Create packages (3) on how people can work with you, engage you. Create polarity.

Create the vacuum. Someone wants it.

9/ Figure out your core values. Make that your north star. Build a business around it. Marry it with the problem.

10/ Be consistent. Be the same person in video or Instagram as the in person version. Avoid the disconnect. Avoid the trust issues.

11/Work on your mindset.
Everyday. Align with what you are charging.

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Joya childhood photo
Ps I think about turning this childhood photo below into an oil painting. Me at 2 with my mom and uncle.

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