How to Plan a Trip to Moab (and what a letter to my future self revealed)

How to plan a trip to Moab Utah

December 2014, I wrote a letter to my future self. Ten years later, I opened it, and I was surprised. Everyone should do this.

I’d be getting up at 2:30am and heading into the TV studio, sunglasses on, only to hide that I had gotten 4 hours of sleep.

Next Wednesday, however, I’ll be getting up at 2:30am bright eyed and bushy-tailed to catch the first flight out of JFK. I’m headed to Moab, Utah to celebrate my partner’s birthday.

Something I couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago because I didn’t have my own business.

My own schedule.

But—I wrote it all down in that letter to my future self.

Want to do this? This is what I shared with my Mastermind, who is opening their letters in Nice come June.

  • When you write your own letter to your future self, break it into five key areas of your life: (1) Business (2) Financial (3) Partner (4) Health (5) Spiritual.

  • Write what you want in each area.

  • Set a calendar reminder to open it on the set date in the future

My core reflection: The most valuable exercise you could ever do is take stock of your core values. Mine were Adventure, Beauty, Freedom.




Now, on to this week’s newsletter.

Where is Moab?

Someone wondered in dismay why I was going to Africa for only 4 days.

Okay, that’s Mozambique. Moab is located in southeastern Utah, along the Colorado River.

On a map, it’s the “Four Corners,” where Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico meet. It’s 4 miles south of Arches National Park’s entrance and 30 miles east of Canyonlands National Park.

When to visit Moab?

Spring. March – May

Fall. September- November.

The weather is mild and sunny.

65 during the day. 37 at night.

What to Pack?

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How to Get to Moab?

It’s a direct flight to Salt Lake City, clocking in at 5 hours and 20 minutes from JFK.

Our friends are vegetarian, so we settled on Bambara in the Hotel Monaco for dinner. We drive the 3 hours to our glamping site the next morning.


  • 6 months out. We booked our glamping tents. There was plenty of inventory at the time.
  • 3 months out. I created my whiteboard with what clothing to pack here.
  • 1 month out. I booked
  • Flight ($398)
  • Car rental ($348)
  • 10 days out. I revisited supplies and ordered 2 merino wool tops from Amazon, which promise to keep me warm, and wick moisture and odor away while I’m hiking.

How long to spend there?

We are going Wed to Sunday. 4 days should suffice, but I’ll report back.

Things to book in advance

Archlands National Park. Note that it’s timed entry and able to be purchased from for ($2) up to three months in advance of your visit. The National Park Service has implemented a pilot park entry reservation system in response to long entrance lines, congested parking lots, and crowded trails. Be sure to bring your ticket and park pass (or entrance fee) with you to enter the park during your designated time. If you don’t have a reservation, you can always enter the park before 7 a.m. or after 4 p.m. 

Horseback Riding. 90 minute loop. ($293.76 for 2 people) Note that you have to sign off on the cancellation policy ahead of time and put 50% of the deposit down.

We signed up with Elk Mountain Ranch Riding, about 30 minutes south of Moab. There was a 90 minute ride on the old Spanish trail or a 7 mile canyon trail. We elected to do a morning ride and just 90 minutes. To secure our spot, we put down a 50% deposit with Hannah.


Kayaking. We booked a 1/2 day tour (4 hours) with Mild2Wild rafting starting at 8:30am (4 hours) for 4 people. now

Phone to book:  970-247-4789.


Average cost of hotels

In Salt Lake City ($179 a night)

Suite Tent (ULUM Moab) $2,000

I’m an evangelist for getting my clients out of their comfort zones.

Big spaces. Big ideas.

I’m doing it myself.

Everything I worry about in New York becomes miniscule when I’m staring up at the natural wonders of the world.


What I Did Last Week

Last week was surgery week. I spent the week recovering and working from bed.

So incredibly thankful for the flowers, soup, premium crackers, Indian food, and self care boxes that flooded in.

Having gained some strength, I ventured out for Easter brunch Saturday at Fouquet’s with friends

I couldn’t readily return to weight lifting, but I returned to yoga at One House Yoga.


What I’m looking forward to

Friday. Volunteering with my graduate school (BU) and the N.Y.C Battery Conservancy in the Urban Farm in Battery Park.

The SOUS LES ETOILES GALLERY for an exhibition that combines two of the best-known series by the Franco-Moroccan artist Carolle Benitah: Photo Souvenirs developed from her family and personal archives and the other entitled Jamais je ne t’oublierai constructed from found and anonymous photos.

Saturday. A 90 minute Master Class with Yogi Charu, who promises to guide myself and my friend Kimberly through practices that purify the body, mind, and heart.

June. My Mastermind heads to Nice, where I will be hosting their retreat and clients. Gone until July.

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