Member Spotlight: Featured LadyDrinks Members at the Small Business Diwali Bazaar this Thursday

Member Spotlight: Featured LadyDrinks Members at the Small Business Diwali Bazaar this Thursday

Thursday, October 17th, @LadyDrinks Women’s Networking empowers 15 women vendors by hosting a small business bazaar at the women’s collaborative hub @Luminary. 

We put the spotlight on four members who are featured.


Name: Sanketa Jain
Company/Title: Eat Krave Love / Owner

“When I was young, I was told it is a woman’s place to be in the kitchen.

I always had a passion for cooking, but I was told that it wasn’t a real career for a woman. Cooking is ‘just a job we did.’ I spent 16 years in the medical field before pivoting into becoming a private chef. Today, I see how food changes lives. It’s my mission to help people understand and care about what they put in their bodies.

The best way to find the equality in the workplace is by lifting each other up as we will be on Thursday at the LadyDrinks Small Business Diwali Bazaar. As a collective, we can make greater strides. “


Name: Devanshi Shah
Company/Title: Devannu Interiors, Interior Designer

I grew up in a male dominated society in India, but I was always encouraged to choose a career for myself. Today, I run my own interior design firm Devannu Interiors, with my friend and business partner Annu and I consider it my responsibility to continue to promote the same for all the woman in the world.

We relieve the stress of remodeling and design projects for busy moms. This Diwali Bazaar is a great opportunity to share the niche market that we service and build brand awareness.

‘Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for other woman.’ Maya Angelou


Name : Jaya Subramanian
Company/ Title: Mi Tesoro / Founder/Owner

“The core mission of my jewelry company Mi Tesoro is to empower underprivileged women in India to create self sustaining livelihoods for themselves.

By being in a room full of women entrepreneurs Thursday, we empower each other!”


Name: Niti Agarwal
Company/Title: Tinted Teal; Founder/Owner/Designer

“Growing up in a conservative family, I had to hustle to maintain a career. The women in my family worked tirelessly without any expectations for themselves. I wanted to break the mold. With my background in design, I launched my jewelry company with bold and intricate pieces that are a nod to my heritage. I am gradually hiring more women from the rural parts of India to empower them as well.

This festive season, I am coming to the Lady Drinks Women-owned Businesses Diwali Bazaar to showcase my line, support fellow women entrepreneurs and possibly, empower more women to follow their dreams.”

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