Melanie Curtis and I share our top time management hacks

Melanie Curtis and I Share Our
Top Time Management Hacks

With Speaker, Author and Coach Melanie Curtis

Thursday, May 16h, we hosted a time management webinar. A big ‘thank you’ to Speaker, Author, and Coach Melanie Curtis who always brings her uplift and positive energy to any conversation. If you would like to schedule a session with her, here is the link for the special life coaching Sample Session for LadyDrinks members.

A quick recap of the items where women needed support today

Pooja Khurana feels she is juggling too many balls. Melanie suggests self-care as a primary daily habit because it fills you up and readies you for all the other roles you play. Nagina Sheth Abdullah is a mom and business owner. She assigns themes to each month. January kid 1 picks everything you do socially. February 2 may be when you finally do that kitchen renovation.  It could be days of the week that have themes. Monday, I work on my website. Tuesday I dedicate to payroll. etc But this way, you can feel empowered that you are giving each your all on the days assigned versus feeling like giving piecemeal to all.

Annette Diaz is seeking more self-care in her schedule. Annette lost her mother and her sister in the last year and it was understandably devastating. Melanie acknowledged her for putting self care on the calendar and actively pursuing it. Remember to celebrate the little victories in accomplishing commitments like these to ourselves. 

Menka Uttamchandani wants more organization around her email and paperwork. Melanie suggests affirmations around productivity. Often our overwhelm in completing a task can be rooted in a story we tell ourselves. Affirmations help flip that. Tactically, I’m a fan of installing Boomerang in my email which automatically reminds me if I haven’t responded. I also created folders in my gmail, and spend a few minutes each day, sending emails to those folders so I can retrieve ‘travel’ or ‘Corporate sponsor’ collateral quickly when I need it.

Jelena Diklic knows where everything is, but is seeking more organization around completing projects during the day. David Allen, Founder of Getting Things Done, suggests his five step process, which starts with a brain dump, and putting to paper everything you have to do. Verne Harnish, who is the founder of EO, says the most succesful people in the world do one thing before they go to bed: rank the top five things they need to do the VERY NEXT day, in order of importance. Time management author Laura Vanderkam always recommends doing the toughest task first thing in the day when your reserve of will power is strongest.  Melanie shares this article on will power

Suchitra feels she is always putting out fires at her graphics and printing business and not getting to work on the high level stuff. We recommended getting up earlier and really leveraging the 5-8am hours when customers and employees will not be bothering her. Again this is counsel Vanderkam shares in her book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

Smita Sharma wants to be more productive. She is a meditation teacher and feels she has become too laid back in accomplishing tasks. We recommended making a list of priorities 1-5. Sarah Walton’s counsel to clients is to ask yourself first thing in the morning, “What is the MOST important thing I need to do today?” and say no to those tasks that don’t move the needle forward on priorities number 1 and 2.

Ami Patel is about to deliver a baby TODAY and is worried about folks at work running slipshod all over her time with her baby because they don’t access the knowledge transfer and systems she has set up. We recommended having stronger boundaries. Set a time each day when employees can check in. She checks in as well. But honor the boundaries in being inaccessible beyond that time. Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore counsels that women can have it all, but not at the same time. We live our lives in chapters. This chapter is about the baby.

Prema Roddam has a never ending to do list and her discipline goes out the window when it gets to be too long. Committing to accomplishing 5 or 6 big tasks each day can be productive. Since perfectionism is something that plagues us all, I recommended Kate Northup’s exercise here (listen at 18:43) on writing down 3 things you value about yourself at the end of the day. And follow that up with three ways you added value to someone else’s life that day. Do it for 21 days. Melanie shares this video on discipline

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