Last week’s LadyDrinks Brussels was not easy to pull off, but became a testament and story about persistence.

LadyDrinks Brussels

An event steeped in the arts
Last Wednesday, I was in Brussels, hosting a LadyDrinks event with a group of thoughtful and engaged women. A recap.

I’m not going to lie. LadyDrinks Brussels was a tough one. Traditionally, I start planning for events 6-8 months out. As I made calls and emailed with women on the ground in Belgium,  I was making connections. Getting introductions. Making phone calls. It became a lot of false starts. The conversations would start. Then radio silence. I was completely puzzled.
I learned that there was a cultural nuance at work. Many Europeans have their families and their friends already set. There isn’t a desire to network and make new connections with the verve and gusto we do in New York. I chucked the idea of hosting LadyDrinks Brussels altogether.  Still, from time to time, I would ask people I met socially “Do you know anyone in Brussels?”

Fast forward to last Wednesday. The event was a testament to persistence. I was introduced to Shari who heads up an arts movement in Belgium. I knew I had met a kindred spirit when she sent a timeline, with an hour by hour breakdown of the evening. Just as I traditionally do. She aggregated a group of strong women who were happy to extend their time and their friendship. We kicked off the evening with a private backstage tour of the KVS theater with the city dramaturge. We had drinks and conversation about the politics of the land and how it affects arts funding. We had conversations about strong women. And then we saw a production of “Peeping Tom” a dreamscape told from the perspective of a little girl. It was part opera, part dance, part theater. We sat in the orchestra, a mere three rows back from the stage. And it was all wonderful.
Never give up on your vision, no matter how many obstacles you face. And now planning begins for International Women’s Day in Milan March 5th, 2020!


Imagine the perfect web developer, who troubleshoots your website in seconds. Imagine the customer service guru you can call at 3 in the morning when your orders won’t make it for the holiday season. Imagine the marketing person that can fill a room with your newest campaign.
November 14th at a 12pm Lunch and Learn, Kelly Hoey, the author of “Build Your Dream Network” is our featured speaker. She will teach you how to leverage and activate your network for success. This is our lunch and learn for the year. Buy tickets here


Imagine having all your work holiday cards ready to send out. Imagine having all of your work affairs in order for the year end report? Imagine being on vacation in Capri, while everything continues with you seamlessly? Ari Meisel is the author of “Less Doing.” His story here.  November 14th at 6pm, Ari will teach you his methodology for becoming more efficient.
And since the LadyDrinks brand means we are hosting ‘out of the box’ networking experiences, WE ARE HOSTING THIS WORKSHOP AT UPS Headquarters. After the workshop, we will tour UPS to learn how the shipping giant is efficiently getting ready for the holidays.


According to scientists, women are actually better at tasting wine than men. Yet women are often overlooked at the restaurant table when it comes to ordering and tasting wine.
Yassmin Dever of Sotheby’s Wine Advisory has developed educational programming to empower women to own the wine list and speak confidently and intelligently about wine. Join us December 5th at 6pm for an exquisite evening of wine education and tasting through a curated selection of some of her favorite fine wines.
This evening is generously hosted at Volvo Manhattan, dedicated to both safety and sustainability.
Limited to 20 women.



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