Last week was a busy week of learning at LadyDrinks. All the takeaways from the ways women hold themselves back with leadership and authority

What’s a prevention based question?


In our webinar with Angela Lee, founder of 37 Angels, we learned that women answer ‘prevention based questions.’  Men are asked ‘promotion-based questions.”  What’s the difference? Read on.

Last week was the first time I hosted a LadyDrinks event remotely via zoom call. It’s a new model I’m trying out in order to sustain momentum after I have left a city. We hosted the inaugural LadyDrinks San Diego event April 26th while I was on the ground there. June 4th marked the follow-up event and it was a discussion around a book I had read for my female leadership Book Club.

Sally Helgensen’s book lists the 12 ways women hold themselves back from leadership and authority in the workplace. Hers was a response to Marshall Goldsmith’s 2007 What got you here won’t get you there, listing all the ways executives hold themselves back. Both wrote How Women Rise together, realizing that women faced different challenges. One of my favorite takeaways from the book: Minimizing. Women will physically make themselves smaller in order to take up less space. She cites an example of latecomers to a conference. Women immediately shifted their bags and scrunched their legs together to make room for the additional folks. The men remained as is. Women tend to start sentences with “I just wanted to” (‘just’ minimizes the ask) or apologizing constantly. “I’m sorry, but can I…..” A little bit of awareness makes this habit easy to correct.

Wednesday, June 5th, LadyDrinks partnered with the women’s co work space The Co-Co in Summit, New Jersey, to host an event fusing both communities.

It was a fireside chat with Liz Tenety, former editor at the Washington Post, and today the co founder of Motherly, an online destination for the modern day mother, featuring content that is woman-focused and not necessarily baby-focused. Liz recently published a collection of stories by mothers called “This is Motherhood.” Our conversation focused on highlights from the book that I picked out to discuss.  We finished with an elegant quote from one of the essays that puts the conversation about ‘having it all’ on its head: “Motherhood is about boundaries. Not balance.”  Takeaways from the fireside chat with Liz Tenety here  Photo album from the event here 

Thursday, June 6th, Angela Lee, founder of 37 Angels, shared the ABC’s of raising angel funding. She presented a slide deck with statistics and a treasure trove of resources women founders can leverage. She also shared where women are tripping themselves up when raising capital. One takeaway: women are often asked “prevention based questions” when pitching. “How long will it take for you to break even?  This versus men who are asked “promotion based questions.” “How do you plan to monetize this?”

Read below for the complete takeaways from the webinar. Become a LadyDrinks member to gain access to Angela Lee’s deck.

Today’s member spotlight is on Shreya Mehta, Executive Member and Board Trustee of the Share and Care Foundation. She’s most proud of the changes she’s manifesting in other women’s lives with her leadership role. Read more

LadyDrinks partners with ELLEVATE for the Mobilize Women Summit, Friday, June 21st, 2019 in New York, NY  All Day Event

Mobilize Women is a movement based on Ellevate Network’s purpose of achieving equality for all, by giving diverse voices, and particularly those of women, a seat at the table where decisions are made. The Summit will cover topics such as Intersectional Identities, Changing the Culture of Business, Innovating the Future, Starting a Revolution, and more.
This year’s Summit will feature speakers Sallie Krawcheck, Valerie Jarrett, Tony Prophet, Halima Aden, Andrea Jung and more. Register here using code ‘ladydrinks’ for 15% off tickets to the Summit. If you can’t make it on June 21, check out the Livestream of the event!

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