LadyDrinks San Diego: Teaching Women Leadership on a Hike

LadyDrinks San Diego:
Teaching Women Leadership on a Hike


Friday, February 21st, LadyDrinks partnered with Abigail Jones and Knight Campbell of Cairn Leadership to lead a hike of Kwaay Peak, while sharing the important components of women’s leadership.

They include:
Inspiration from Brene Brown: Leadership requires courage to be vulnerable. One of our superpowers as women is our gut, which can be our decision-making compass. Women lead with authenticity. They lead more holistically and they lead more collaboratively.


Statistics on women leaders:

  • Of the 108 leaders of countries worldwide, only 14 are women
  • Less than six percent of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women



Women are conditioned from a young age that it’s not desirable to be ambitious. We are also conditioned to succeed in the home. We suffer from the need to be perfect.


Ways to change this:

  • Become aware of self-talk. How much power do you give to your inner critic. Keep in mind, when it pipes up and says “I can’t do that” or “I’ll never be chosen for that job,” that voice is our instincts, which keep you in your comfort zone and safe.
  • Be a continual learner
  • Apply for a job even if you don’t have all the skills required
  • Take risks and introduce yourself to people
  • Be radically transparent
  • Don’t be afraid to share achievements and how you contributed to a project or meeting
  • Actively ask for challenges
  • Get a mentor / advocate (especially helpful if male!)


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