LadyDrinks Member Spotlight: Tina Ramchandani, Interior Designer

LadyDrinks Member Spotlight:
Tina Ramchandani, Interior Designer

I am often in a position of referral since I helm a large women’s professional network. A friend was in the market for an interior designer, and she said “Do you know Tina Ramchandani?” I said I didn’t. “Oh my god,” my friend replied. “She is the ‘it’ designer. You have to know Tina Ramchandani.” So I made it my business to learn about Tina Ramchandani. I LinkedIn to her. I friended her on Facebook. We made our acquaintances on the phone. I was so taken with the systems and processes she put in place before she launched her own firm. And today, I’m proud to call her a friend, colleague and LadyDrinks member. 

This week’s LadyDrinks Member Spotlight is on Interior Designer Tina Ramchandani of Tina Ramchandani Creative.

Joya: What is your profession? 
Tina: Interior Designer

Joya: Describe your aesthetic?
Tina: I’ve developed a signature aesthetic, that defines all of the homes I create, which I call Soulful Minimalism TM. My client’s homes are always, warm, modern, relaxed and meant to be lived in. I pride myself on designing homes that allow my clients to experience live surrounded by the things that matter, so they can focus on the people that matter.

Joya: You just won a really great award for your work.
Tina: Yes, fall has been amazingly busy so far! Last month I was overjoyed to win the IDA award, by Cottages & Gardens, in the category of Interior Design. I was awarded this for design of my client’s West Village home, which also happens to be featured in a book about the next wave of interior designers. The book, On Style: Inspiration and Advice from the New Generation of Interior Designers, by Carl Dellatore, was released on September 24th. I’m so honored to be included.

Joya: I hosted a fireside chat with you because I love the way your brain works. How can other people hear you speak this year?
Tina: This month is officially “market” season in the interior design world. I’m speaking on two panels, both here in New York and in High Point, North Carolina, also known as the Furniture Capital of the World!
On September 16th, I’m a keynote speaker on a panel moderated by Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine, at the D&D’s Fall Market, here in New York. I’ll be in conversation with 2 other design firms, Kendall WIlkinson and WRJ Design, about breathtaking vacation homes. This is going to be a unique approach to the topic, as we’ll be chatting about how we approach designing vacation homes differently than permanent residences, the current state of designing around multiple technologies, and what we envision to be the future of design, specifically in second and third homes. link:
On September 20th, I’ll be at Left Bank Art in High Point, speaking on a panel moderated by Galerie Magazine, along with Glenna Stone and Tim Green. We’ll be engaged in a dynamic discussion on the impact of art in a home. Art is arguably the most important element in a home, yet it’s often an afterthought, and not planned and budgeted for. We’ll be discussing how and when we integrate art into our interiors, incorporating an existing art portfolio into a home versus starting from scratch, and our processes of navigating the art world while finding the perfect pieces for our clients.

If anyone is interested in these topics and cannot attend the talks, I’ll be sharing insights on Instagram along the way.

Joya: Wow. You are everywhere! Thank you for sharing that. You are very successful at what you doWhat is the best advice you could offer to another woman entrepreneur?
Tina: I’m constantly trying to improve myself and my business. I’m always open to learning a new style of management, a new process for procedure that can help me grow, and I’m continuously reflecting inwards, and trying to make improvements. I believe truly knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, is the only way to flourish.

Joya: Finally, why refer other women business owners? or is it a case of referring the best person for the job?
Tina: I try to refer the best person for the job. With that said, I do enjoy working with women. I think we need to build each other up and support each other.

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