LadyDrinks Member Spotlight: Swati Singh

LadyDrinks Member Spotlight: Swati Singh

Your company- Navy Federal Credit Union Corporate Recruiter III & author of “Watch Your Back: Life Lessons by Ms. Cynicism”

Joya: You are readying to release a memoir later this year. What spurred it? 
Swati: My life has been a rollercoaster, and there were lessons to learn from the highs and the low’s. My blog ( was the first place I unapologetically published my thoughts on social topics; what started as a blog discussing personal frustrations with the world eventually turned into a full-fledged memoir.

Watch Your Back” is a collection of the life lessons.

With my account of surviving a marriage of domestic abuse, I hope to inspire others. You are not alone and you do not have to put up with being unhappy for the sake of others. My story will resonate with many women, but especially with women of South Asian heritage, who battle societal and cultural pressures every day. My hope is that my journey of gaining, losing, and regaining my independence, will inspire other women to find their strength and discover the power that lies within.

Joya: What is a skill you have mastered?
Swati: Being able to trigger strong emotions in readers.
My style of writing reflects the Swati you meet in real life: brutally honest and unfiltered. I don’t sugarcoat the laughter, anger, and sorrow I felt at the time. My hope is that readers will think to themselves, “wow, it sounds like Swati is writing my story.”

 Joya: What is an obstacle you have overcome? 
Swati: Personally, walking away from an abusive marriage was a big obstacle I overcame. As “Watch Your Back,” readies for release, I’m nervous about the backlash from family members. I come from a conservative Indian family, and I know the emphasis the culture puts on society’s opinions. I’ve also kept quiet about my abusive relationship for too long. I want to be fully transparent and truthful about the struggles and the recovery.

I’m hoping my therapy sessions will help prepare for the release.

Joya: What is the most used app on your phone right now? 
Swati: Instagram. I need to create some business content about my book on my Instagram page. My goal is to eventually have a lot of exciting photos as well as context about my book and me as an author. I’ve been searching other author pages to see examples and am very impressed by what others have done, so I’m spending time learning all of the features on Instagram.

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