LadyDrinks Member Spotlight: Ami Patel

LadyDrinks Member Spotlight: Ami Patel

Senior Director, Product Development and Alliance Management, Vgyaan Pharmaceuticals

Joya: You have a real passion for tutoring young men and women. What spurred it?
Ami: I have always enjoyed the sciences. It comes “easy” to me. Not because I’m exceptionally smart, but rather because I had teachers (starting with my dad) who made science both fun and easy for me. Teachers and professors influenced my choices in graduate school. I also got work experience with a leader with an extreme passion for science. I was also exposed to the “business side” of the science, which really opened my eyes to another facet of it. I want to use my creative teaching skills and experiences to excite students about careers in the STEM fields and look beyond the hard exams and grades.

Joya: What problem are you solving with your company?
Ami: The US will need qualified STEM graduates in order to compete globally, but I worry that fewer and fewer students will elect that course of study because some degrees require a large financial and time commitment, and pay upon graduation isn’t always great. I hope to ignite interest in the generation that has yet to go to college and share how deeply meaningful and gratifying the work can be.

Joya: What is an obstacle you have overcome? 
Ami: The need to please everyone or seek validation from everyone in order to pursue what I desire.

Joya: What is a skill you have mastered? 
Ami: How to learn a new topic efficiently

Joya: What is the most used app on your phone right now? 
Ami: WhatsApp, Instagram 

April 18th, we take our programming to the young ladies of LadyDrinks ages 12 and older. Member Ami Patel, Senior Director of Product Development at Vgyaan Pharmaceuticals is in our member spotlight this week and teaches this science education for girls module. 

We play science detectives with THE MAGIC OF A PILL April 18th at Saturday at 11am.

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