I used AI to pack for Moab–and here is what I learned

I Used AI To Pack For Moab

I used AI to pack for Moab

–and here is what I learned

I’ve been thinking about the story I’ve been telling with my clothing since I was in the 4th grade.

It was parent teacher conferences and Mrs. Taylor was meeting with my mom. Parked on the bench in the beige carpet hallway, I could see them talking through the glass.

I’m Indian. I wasn’t worried about the content of the conversation.

“She is well mannered.”

“She has straight A’s.”

“She’s not great at gym.”


But as my mom emerged, she had a comment I wasn’t expecting from Mrs. Taylor:

“I’ve never seen a kid so young so focused on looking so put together.”

She was commenting on the meticulousness with which I dressed for school. My latest victory was finding a wooden necklace, shaped into a heart. It featured two pieces. One black. One blue. They perfectly interlocked in the space made by the cowl of the cowl neck of my midnight blue/black sweater.

I had such a sense of pride in finding the perfect piece to fit there.

Mrs Taylor couldn’t understand it in a fourth grader, but found it worth pointing out to my mom.

Some habits die hard. As an adult, my “packing” begins the minute I buy the plane ticket.

We head to Moab in April to celebrate Matt’s 56th birthday.

Yes I’ll be packing my LL Bean fleece, hiking pants and moisture wicking tee-shirts, but my style muses are women like Olivia Palermo. Always lady-like, but always featuring an elegant, unexpected twist to her outfits.

On my whiteboard, I began to think “What unique story will I tell with my clothes? How will my choices reflect the destination?”

Normally, I would read blogs, pour through Pinterest to understand the style. This time, I asked ChatGPT 4 to draw me outfits for 

  • Sitting by the fire
  • Dinner in Salt Lake City
  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Horseback riding

Three observations:

1/There were some misses. I won’t be wearing a sexy camisole to hike and I’m not a waist size -0.

But I was pleasantly surprised to find a really dialed in stylist in AI. Now I set about sourcing the individual pieces that make an outfit and make it my style.

2/ I was surprised how ‘dialed in’ ChatGPT was in identifying the ‘culture’ of the destination and reflecting back the unique twists I was seeking. For example, peasant blouses, shorts and cowboy boots for central Utah.

3/I love love love the illustrations that Dall-E produced. They are little works of art in themselves.

The images that ChatGPT 4 spit out below


Packing for Moab


Air Essentials half zip from Spanx. I got it in a small. It’s not heavy.

Merino Wool t-shirt from Amazon.

Lunch in SLC:

Relaxed button down shirt from Frank and Eileen. I got it in a small.

Dinner in SLC

Alpaca wrap sweater from Everlane. I got it in Medium.

Hiking in Archlands National Park

Merino Wool Long sleeved T-shirt

Horseback Riding

Barbour Otterburn quilted padded shell vest

Campfire Sitting

Idyllwind by Miranda Lambert, Nora Belted Sweater. I got in a small.

Color palette with color hex

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