I often survey women in LadyDrinks to ask them what they want. Brand building was such a popular topic that we built an event around it.

Why You Should Care About Quilting
April 24th, 2019
I often survey ladies who attend LadyDrinks events. What did you like? What didn’t you like? What keeps you up at night? Where do you want to improve? Where should I improve?  Brand building is such a popular topic that we built an event around it –and share why quilting is part of the talk.

SO—here we go. We partnered with TIENJ, a networking group that champions South Asian professionals and are hosting an event April 24th in Princeton. For a change, I’m being interviewed.
BUILDING A BRANDI’ve spent 20 years on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, covering the financial markets for television. I spent 15 years covering the Indian film industry. When people ask me what I love most about my job, I reply “It’s the writing.”  Writing is like oxygen for me. I’ve always written all of my own scripts. The bonus is—that I get to deliver what I wrote on television.
Today, I’m leveraging my natural curiosity and my journalism to produce events for my women’s initiative supporting South Asian professional women.
I’ve built a brand.
Thursday April 24th, I’m speaking in Princeton about the journey.
LadyDrinks member Shrutee Sharma Vazirani, Owner of Servpro Lancaster and East York, will be interviewing me. We will discuss some of the burning questions entrepreneurs in both her and my network have.

Me? I am willing to be vulnerable on social media. I’ve been sharing excerpts from my book “The Perfect Indian Daughter” on social media as I am writing them. The days I’m most authentic and vulnerable are the days I see the highest levels of engagement. I engage in alot of storytelling as I would as a journalist. I tell stories daily about different South Asian businesswomen each day.  That’s how I stand out.
I took a powerful class years ago with Julie Cottineau, former head of branding for Virgin and Richard Branson. She has one of the smartest brains of anyone I know. She taught a nine-week intensive class focused on ideal clients. What does an ideal client for a LadyDrinks event read? Where does she vacation? Where does she spend her weekends? Where does she go to dinner?  What does she spend? Michelle Cordeiro Grant, the CEO of the lingerie brand Lively and our guest speaker last week, listens to the chatter in the room when she is at an event. What did women care about? Where were they spending their time. This was valuable feedback for her next partnership. Complete takeaways from last week’s virtual chat with Lively CEO Michelle Cordeiro Grant here.

I am perennially annoyed by Taxi TV. I don’t need any more stimulation in my life and certainly not in the precious few minutes I’m spending getting from point A to B. It was the fourth time I was in a taxi one week and the fourth time I was watching a piece on QUILTING on NBC Nightly News. I muttered under my breath, with gritted teeth,  “Why am I watching a piece about quilting on NBC Nightly News?” Turns out Jenny Doan has been teaching women on Youtube how to make a quilt in a day. She has published 350 YouTube tutorials. They have been viewed more than 110 million times. Between five and ten thousand visitors each month come to meet Jenny. Missouri Quilt Co is now the biggest employer in the town of Hamilton.  All it took for Jenny Doan to get on Nightly News was to consistently punch out 350 videos on what Jenny Doan does best. Quilting. Learn the art of angel investing.



Meditation has so many merits for women in business. Focus, groundedness. Calm in handling stressful situations. Join us May 2nd for a MOTHER DAUGHTER edition of LadyDrinks with Ellie Burrows Gluck, the Cofounder and CEO of MNDFL Meditation studios. She will walk us through the build of her business and then lead us in a group meditation.
Join us at the women’s co working space Luminary for this exquisite evening. Thursday, May 2nd.
Think of this as a gift. To yourself. To your daughter. To your mother.  Buy tix here

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