How Zeroing in on One Superpower Turned a Struggling Freelancer into an Industry Go-To (even with fierce competition)

Where many of my clients get tripped up: Choosing just one superpower or topic to focus their content on.

The fear?

Talking about just one thing* will negate all the other things she is good at.

Consider Serena Williams.

She is a mother, investor, and entrepreneur, and married to the high profile founder of Reddit. She has done ads for Tampax, Gatorade, and Nabisco. Yet, you mention “Serena Williams,” in any circle, there is only one word that comes to mind: Tennis.

If people are confused by too many things, they won’t buy.

I buy tickets to see Serena play because I know I will also be entertained. She promises a fast, aggressive tennis game, and brings star power to it. If I was bombarded by messages about anything else—I would be less likely to buy a ticket to the US Open.

That one thing you are known for, needs to be repeatable in rooms you aren’t in.

Drop mention of Tim Ferriss at a cocktail party and the immediate response is “Four Hour Work Week.” He built a huge brand off this term. Today, if you read his newsletter, he talks about supplements, psychedelics, a whole bunch of crap. BUT HE CAN. Because he’s already known for one thing that is repeated in rooms in his absence.

To help you pinpoint your ‘one thing’, consider these questions. I posed them to my mastermind group this week:

  1. What is my practical experience?

  2. What have I obsessively learned about?

  3. What advice do people seek from me?

  4. What’s a personal challenge I’ve overcome?


Said another way, consider your Ikegai:

It’s a Japanese philosophy that unlocks the magic at the intersection of:

  • What you are good at

  • What you can be paid for

  • What you love

  • What the world needs

To illustrate, let’s dissect my business through the Ikegai lens:

  • What I’m Good at: Planning international retreats

  • What I’m Paid for: Storytelling strategy and public speaking

  • What I Love: Travel

  • What the World needs: Implementing storytelling strategies globally – culminating in my VIP Days.

That last piece “What the World Needs” requires some polling. You can’t divine this in a silo.

A client once said, “Oh I don’t want to bother people.”


You kind of need to marry “your superpower” with “what’s keeping your ideal client up at night” for impact. Revenue. Clients.

Two ways to find out “what the world needs”:

  1. Create a product or service. Ask ideal clients to take 15 minutes to speak with you on Zoom and offer feedback on the “thing you created.” For example, when I created my first 6 week public speaking masterclass, I interviewed 30 people. I ran them through the curriculum of my class on slides I created in Canva. Each interviewee poked bullet holes in it sharing what worked, what didn’t. I recorded the interviews with, which auto-transcribes. End result? I was very exacting in the language I spit back out in my marketing, using their pain language. Not mine.

  2. Create consistent noise for 3 months on social media. Talk about your topic consistently to gather data for 90 days. Track the impressions on what gets the most engagement, reposts and impressions.

    For example, I have 521 videos on public speaking on my Youtube Channel and 2700 followers. The inbound questions today give me information on what folks want me to talk about.

    The intersection of public speaking and AI.


How AI can help

If you decide to go route #2 and “create a lot of noise,” enter in a headline or idea and ask ChatGPT to do it for you:

I need you to give me 30 viral ideas for my topic. I speak at the intersection of public speaking, storytelling and AI

Be sure to include

  • SUBJECT = example from me: personal brand story

  • AUDIENCE = example from me: women leaders

  • AUDIENCE’S DESIRED OUTCOME = example from me: to get clarity


Where AI won’t help

Storytelling. Raw and honest storytelling will bring a room to its knees every time. I just watched TEDxTalks from Valparaiso University Friday. The most gripping stories came from the speakers willing to talk about death, loss, grief and do it vulnerably. AI can’t extract or construct this for you.

It comes from you and you only.


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Kaushika Kansara- Operations Manager, Vitalief

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