How to Build an Audience and Turn Them into Paying Clients with Christina Garnett

How to Build an Audience and Turn Them into Paying Clients with Christina Garnett

How to Build an Audience and Turn Them into Paying Clients

Christina Garnett is a top community builder and advocacy strategist who has worked with small businesses, nonprofits, and higher education. She specializes in digital marketing and is an expert on the various aspects of the new digital marketing environment. Her expertise includes digital analytics, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. Christina provides information on fostering relationships and connections with a target audience. She will also go over nurturing a target audience and the audience-to-customer journey. Finally, how marketers and brands can get out of their own way and stop holding themselves back from success. Her experience has resulted in a number of helpful marketing tips and tools.

How to Foster Organic Relationships and Connections With Your Audience

There are critical steps to foster organic relationships and connections with target audiences. In the past, marketing was more about talking at the audience rather than talking with them. Marketers and brands must practice modern-day audience building and take a more thoughtful approach than in the past. They can do this by using audience intelligence and social listening.

Audience intelligence allows the brand to access the thoughts of its target audience on a specific brand. Social listening is the assessment process used to determine what an audience says about a company or brand. Brands and marketers can use these tools to learn more about the massive amounts of conversations on the internet. The first step to building a foundation from scratch is making a list of keywords. Marketers can create the list by asking themselves the following questions:

  • What does the audience need, or are they looking to buy?
  • Where are they looking for it?
  • Who are they looking for in their searches?

Marketing research means asking all the questions they need to answer to get to know their audience. Which kind of words do they think their audience will use, and which form of social media does the audience live on or spend most of their time? Is the audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Those are the most important factors when they create the list of keywords.

Marketers must understand what their target audience wants and how they are most likely to engage. In other words, brands must find the target audience’s love language. Learn how to make them feel appreciated. Understanding a specific target audience from a social lens is a human experiment. It is critical to remember that one marketing tactic will not work for every person.

There are steps to foster organic relationships and connections with an audience. The brand could recommend opportunities that make them feel they are connecting with a human. That is especially true in the last few years and during COVID and isolation. Marketers can find success by coming across to their audience as humans rather than a bot on the internet. They can create a safe space where an audience can attend and feel an authentic human connection. 

How to Nurture Your Audience into a Customer Base

To launch a successful nurture marketing campaign, the marketer must define their audience. Once they know their target audience, they can create brilliant nurturing campaigns. And ensure they feel personal to the audience because it speaks to their specific needs.

The brand can start by breaking the process of building a solid marketing strategy down into smaller pieces. The marketer can begin with their own perception of the personas they are looking to attract. They find this information by using research tools, such as Sparktoro. There are tools to help brands discover what their target audience listens to on podcasts, YouTube channels the audience is watching, and where they have social media accounts, such as Twitter or LinkedIn. This type of research is social listening.

  • Why they would buy an item or sign up for a service?
  • Influences on the buying process?
  • Top motivating factors?
  • What are the audience’s pain points?

Meltwater and Talkwalker are just two excellent social listening programs that can help brands find this pertinent information.

What Does an Audience-to-Customer Journey Look Like?

An audience-to-customer journey is a process of understanding a target audience’s paths. The journey begins the moment the potential client or customer knows the problems exist and ends when they discover a specific solution or brand. Using relevant content, the best way to introduce a brand or product is to meet the target audience at each marketing touch point.

Data analytics continue to evolve over the years, offering a lens through which brands customers are looking at or buying. Modern marketing technology allows marketers to gather real-time data about their audience. Through that information, they can develop successful customer personas and create content that will catch their interest.

What you can do to get out of your own way

The first and most crucial step to getting out of their own way is to stop assuming. It’s vital to remember that people change. It is not uncommon for brands to set up a marketing strategy and then not make tweaks or changes.

When the world changes and a brand does not make tweaks, its marketing strategy and process to find its audience will eventually fail. When a brand realizes its marketing strategy stopped working, they are already six months behind when its marketing strategy actually stopped working.

Successful brands are always adaptive, and they are okay with making mistakes. Marketers fail by assuming they know their audience and then tailoring all material to that audience. Then, later they find that the target audience’s needs and desires have changed. Another mistake marketers make is working to impress their peers over their crucial audience. Successful marketing requires customer obsession. Finally, every flourishing market must remember that it’s not about getting out of their own way. Find her in the HubSpot Academy’s Social Media Certification course and many other exciting courses and discussions to learn more about Christina Garnett’s strategies.

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