How My Mastermind Works

How My Mastermind Works

Yesterday after dress rehearsals for my Mastermind’s stage talks, a woman to me said, plainly:

“I’m not sure I have enough info worth of a TEDx talk….”

Well nobody is born knowing this. It’s like saying, 

“I was born knowing how to ice skate.”

You had to get out on the ice maybe 10-15 times consistently before you felt confident.

This question made me realize that there are women in my world who disqualify themselves —even before giving themselves a chance. And that makes me sad. Cause you have SO much to offer the world. Even if you don’t think you do. 

So this is a good time to talk about how my Mastermind program works—since it solves this very problem.

👩🏻 Its 12 months long. January to December 2024.

👩🏻‍🏫 It only enrolls once a year. (I’m enrolling now. Enrollment ends at 11:59pm ET on Dec 31st, 2023)

The entire year is devoted to building your personal brand.

and using your brand to: 

• get a new job, or;

• get that promotion, or;

• land that dream client(s), or;

• finally start that business you’ve been putting off.

“But this is NOT like any other solopreneur personal branding program. No… 


On a parallel track, all year long, you are also doing personal development work. After all, your business “you” is only as healthy as personal “you.”  You get daily journal prompts in Slack where the entire community is connected 24/7. 

💪🏼Imagine never feeling alone or stuck or overwhelmed on your journey, ever again?”

Here’s a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of what to expect if you join us in 2024:”

⛵️Q1 Kick off retreat to investigate What is it? What is the word you will hang your hat on? How will you show up with it? (blog, youtube, podcast, linkedin content)

⛵️Q2 A system for banking ideas, curating ideas, retrieving ideas.

A system for creating content leveraging the latest technology, plus a retreat to start harvesting deeply personal stories that will be in service of the TED x style talk you will give in Q4

⛵️Q3 Storytelling workshop

Training you on the formulation, writing and delivery of a TEDx talk

⛵️Q4 On a NYC stage to deliver it

Your TEDx talk is professionally filmed so you create an important digital asset

Want to learn more about our upcoming Mastermind starting on January 20th, 2024? If so, put the word “Interested” in comments and I’ll get back to you with more details.

No obligations, of course.

Now on to the 11.12 edition of “What I Did Last Week (and what I’m looking forward to)”

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