How Many Sales Calls Should I Make in a Week?

How Many Sales Calls Should I Make In A Week?

There are two parts to this question



To calculate your sales close rate based on the number of calls you make in a week, you can use the following formula:

Step 1 Track the Number of Calls Made: Count the total number of sales calls you make in a week. This includes all calls, regardless of the outcome. I like to color code all my sales calls with one color.

Step 2 Track the Number of Sales: Count how many of those calls resulted in a sale. A “sale” is defined as a call that leads to a closed deal or agreement to purchase your product or service.

Step 3 Calculate the Sales Close Rate: Divide the number of sales by the number of calls made. This will give you a decimal number. To convert it into a percentage, multiply the result by 100.

For example, if you made 100 calls in a week and 10 of those calls resulted in a sale, your sales close rate would be:

10/100 x 100= 10 percent

This means that for every 100 calls you make, you can expect to close 10 sales, giving you a sales close rate of 10%. This metric is crucial for understanding your sales efficiency and can help identify areas for improvement in your sales process.


My colleague and former business coach Deb Boulanger created this handy revenue calculator. Once you have your sales close rate, you can use this to figure out how many outreaches you need to do per week.



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