How I Unlocked Story Magic in Lisbon’s Alleyways: Introducing Strategic Solitude


I had been organizing experiences for my friends for years.

Aboard a schooner on a Friday night in New York harbor enjoying a wine tasting my friend remarked “I think you‘re in the wrong profession (TV). You should really be an event planner.”

For many years, I kinda was. I

  • organized retreats in foreign countries.

  • hosted 8 week storytelling intensives for women in business.

  • did 1:1 coaching with leaders who wanted to give a TEDxtalk.

Three years ago, weary of the endless marketing cycles, I merged all three into one offering.

I introduced the “VIP Day” a way to do strategic storytelling work with client 1 on 1 But not in a boring boardroom. I insisted on another country. Why?

  • It created white space in their minds

  • It created white space in their calendars

  • It got them outside their comfort zone

One of my VIP clients thought differently about the power of “environment design” after a private tour of the oldest hospital in Barcelona.

Another CEO screamed was ecstatic about being outside her comfort zone swimming among the rocks in Turkey.

My expertise, my research, my high standards of travel meant something. 

Introducing Strategic Solitude

I began familiarize myself with more cities by hosting Mastermind dinners and retreats.

Croatia. Tuscany. Paris. Sonoma. Jackson Hole. Florence. Istanbul. Marrakech.  

Television trained me to always have back up scenarios planned out and road tested. That way, we can quickly pull the trigger on either, when Plan A is going south. I still do my due diligence in each country before I bring a client there.

I have partners on the ground that help me.  

Introducing you to Strategic Solitude (formerly VIP Day) — a one on one intensive with me in Lisbon, Paris, Nice or Barcelona this year.

We will work on a storytelling goal that is bespoke to you. But, as I said, you didn’t fly all that way to sit in a boardroom with me.  I plan a 3 day, 2 night cultural immserve around our coaching sprints. 

It’s special extras you won’t get anywhere else.

Given the heavy lift of this type of bespoke planning and our small team, this product will be by request only. Should your trip sound like the right fit for our team to help, we’ll proceed in taking a deposit and start a trip proposal for you.

Strategic Solitude clients will have to arrange their own flights. I handle everything once you are on the ground. Car service, Hotel. Dinners. Lunches. Where we work.

This offering also includes a 30-minute discovery call so I can learn about your goals for this trip. It includes Voxer access to me in the weeks leading up to the actual trip. 

Due to the nature of it, we will only be able to take on 4 of these clients each year.  1 per quarter.

Strategic Solitude Offerings in 2024

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