How I traded TV scripts for startup pitches and built a business from scratch (learn how!)

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Last week, as I jumped back into the anchor seat for a few days, a common question I got:

“How did you switch from TV to owning a business?

I broke my evolution down into 3 phases

Phase I

1997: Hired at 1st job (CNBC)

1998: Hired at 2nd job (CBS)

1999: Hired at 3rd job (CBS)

1999: Hired at 4th job (Bloomberg News)

2001: Hired at 5th job (CNN)

2022: Starting hosting show, catering to a specific niche

2004: Hired at sixth job (ABC)

Phase II

2008: Contract ended 

2010: Launched documentary production company, shot first feature length film

2011: Hired at 7th job (NY1)

2012: Started hosting events monthly

2013: 300 women attending events, catering to a specific niche

2014: First retreat, still hosting events monthly

2017: Quit full time TV. Focused full time on business. Still hosting events monthly

Phase III

2019: Launched membership. Hosting events monthly.

2020: Changed business model, got even more clear on the niche I serve

2022: 1st mastermind

2023: 2nd mastermind

2024: 3rd mastermind

  • Phase I  I built the “like, know and trust factor.” This still goes a long way, when I get on a sales call. Folks remember me for the 20+ years I logged on television, covering business news.
  • Phase II I built community, based on the equity I accumulated in Phase I 
  • Phase III marked an overhaul of my business model and 10x-ing my prices.



In 2010, when my contract came up with ABC, I asked myself this question:

If I was on my death bed, what would I most regret?

“Not leaving behind a body of work.”

That spawned my documentary production company.

The dark horse brand that really took off was events with my women’s leadership platform.

There is power in niche marketing.

By narrowing my focus to South Asian women in business, I didn’t just find an audience—I built a community that looked up to me and a space for them to grow.

I published content everyday to build the brand.

Every event was professionally photographed for social media. It not only amplified my voice but solidified my brand’s presence in a crowded marketplace.

I wasn’t afraid of technology. Not while in television. Not while running a business. See I covered business news from the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. If my ear piece, prompter, or microphone went down, nobody could hear me or see me. I had to know how to fix things on my own. I had to be self sufficient.

I adapted my narrative and offerings to meet the ever-evolving needs of my niche.

Don’t just create a business; build a legacy.

Questions you could ask yourself as you think about launching your business.

One leadership tip

The 12 ways women hold themselves back in the workplace (1500 downloads)

Soundbite (1 min)

One public speaking tip

How to speak to “non techies” when you’re a technical expert.

One adventure tip

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