How I managed to get 10,000 LinkedIn followers in 1 year (I’ll tell you this in 2 minutes)

I met a commercial photographer this month.

Before the pandemic, he used to command top dollar for his services.

-High fashion.



Since the pandemic, the appetite for paying those prices has gone down. I shared with him: My own headshot photographer has been speaking on stages and become a thought leader.

He replied: “I want to become one of those!”

Well, it was all self-driven for my headshot-photographer-turned-thought-leader.

Trouble is, most don’t know how to put the knowledge in their head —–down on paper. And I bet there is at least a $100,000 worth of knowledge in my commercial photographer friend’s head.

There are SO MANY creators that would welcome his photography tricks of the trade. For example, I shared Scott Kelby’s keynote on how to use an IPhone as a “second camera” on travel shoots.

Here is what I did to put my knowledge to paper, and how I created $100K of revenue from it.

Step 1: Create alot of noise at first

Here a 3 quick tips to help you master this step:

  • Post 5x a week on the problem you solve for the world.

–4 posts more broader topics on public speaking.

–1 post for my ideal client who needs public speaking training.

• Track what my audience resonates with

• Create more posts with the highest impression count/engagement

It turns out, my life lessons and stories of client transformations resonated the most. So I reposted things like “10 Lessons I learned as I turned 51” as carrousels, switched up the images, fleshed out each lesson into a larger post.

Step 2: Study big creators in my space (public speaking)

Once I started writing my own versions of templates I liked or my version of their most popular topics, I noticed:

• Engagement went through the roof

• I started enjoying networking on LinkedIn!

• I converted $100K

It was hard not to go back after this.

Step 3: Spend 1 hour creating content daily. 30 minutes engaging or direct messaging folks who liked or commented

For this step, all I had to do was keep repeating Steps 1 & 2.

This is how I reached 10,000 followers in 1 year.

And how you can too. Just download my cheatsheet I created for you to do the above here.


3 common myths about LinkedIn

The platform doesn’t reward video.

Recently, I attended a gala, and a women leader came up to me and said, “You publish videos! I recognize you.”

Most can’t do video well, but if you can, it’s a great way for folks on LinkedIn to experience a 360 degree version of you. I publish a video every Thursday.

I use Streamyard, which offers a higher resolution recording on my computer

The platform doesn’t link outbound links.

I used to think so, but since I started creating cheatsheets, the downloads have been incredible. I’m adding these folks to my newsletter listserv.

Cheatsheets are easy to create on Canva. I upload them as a lead magnet to Leadpages.

Don’t include personal photos

I look at some of the biggest creators on this platform and all they post are personal photos. It’s your call. I mix it up. LinkedIn is not my Instagram account.

However, the numbers don’t lie.

My highest performing post (18,000 impressions) was a picture of me in Istanbul last August. Use your discretion on what is professionally appropriate.

And always


One leadership tip

Living a purpose-driven life: My interview with the CEO of Uncle Nearest bourbon Fawn Weaver

One public speaking tip

The 7 most common mistakes I’ve noticed (+ how to fix them)

One adventure tip

40 days until I head to Nice, France, to host my Mastermind for their Deep Writing and Reflection retreat. While this class is filled, I am still offering an opportunity for you to work with me 1:1 in Nice on your public speaking.

Tell me about your goals here.


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