How I Broke Through My Most Damaging Limiting Beliefs?

How I Broke Through My Most Damaging Limiting Beliefs?

I have been a small business owner for 11 years.

When I reflect back, the journey to charge my worth is the story worth telling. The daily work it takes to turn one’s story about money around. In fact, it’s a lot easier to solve than most people think.

Here they are, and how I solved them:

🔵 Problem #1: “I could never charge that.”

👉🏽 How to solve it.

Read the room. If the room you’re currently in isn’t receptive to a $100,000 offering, there are two responses: Keep your own counsel. Only share in rooms that are thinking bigger.

Change the room. Two years ago, I joined a mentoring circle of black women in Atlanta who normalized the idea of ‘6 figure months’ for me. It made it normal for me.

Find out what the going rate in the market is for your services? If you don’t have a benchmark, how do you know you can’t charge that?

🔵 Problem #2: “Nobody would pay it.”

👉🏽How to solve it.

You haven’t demonstrated your value. YET.

What does your cadence of thought leadership look like? Are you regularly sharing your unique way of solving a problem?

Tomorrow, I’m recording a podcast with @MindsetMary. She said, “Your TedX talk ….created a deep sense of connection in making me feel like I knew you.”

People like to work with people they like. And know.

Start publishing. Use the tool “Typeshare” for templates.

🔵 Problem #3: “I don’t deserve it.”

👉🏽How to solve it.

Listen to affirmations first thing in the morning. That’s when your brain is in ‘theta’ state and more malleable. Your subconscious mind is running 95% of your actions. Scripts. Behaviors. Habits. Something a parent said to you at the age of 5 about what you do and don’t deserve.

All of that is stowed in the subconscious.

Left unchecked (and you unconscious), you are living from those scripts and getting the same results over and over. I recorded my own affirmations in the “ThinkUp App” in my voice and listened to them as I drifted off to sleep. This is another time of day when your brain enters ‘Theta.’

For the first few weeks, it will feel like nothing is changing.

Then one day, I was be walking down the street, past the Chanel store. I heard myself say “I can afford that!” Affirmations have a compounding effect.

Everything had changed.

See? That wasn’t so hard.


I’m currently filling the 2024 year class of my Mastermind, where I teach some of these foundational mindset shifts:

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