My client’s incredible success story: How environment design made all the difference (you need to see this)

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Today at a glance

  • The true power of a Mastermind to change what’s possible
  • The power of environment design
  • Where to shop for great dresses in Nice
  • Where to find adventure & beauty in the French Riviera

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She sells a $100,000 package.

When she talks about it in her friend circles, she hears,

“Who are you to charge that?”


“That’s nuts. Nobody will ever pay you that.”

So-she started to doubt herself too.

This week, she participated in the retreat in Nice, France.

  • We did intense writing sprints.
  • We reflected on deep questions out loud.
  • We shared stories we had never shared before.
  • We shared dreams we had never shared before.

At the end, she wrote, “You know? Now-I feel more confident. I have a group of people who are encouraging me to take risks and step outside of my normal box.”

Things feel possible for her.

What changed?

Her environment design.

Because, you are not only the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with, you are also the sum of the 5 people THEY surround themselves with.

Workplace culture expert David Burkus cites a study in this Medium article:

  • In it, they found that if your friend smokes, you are 61 percent more likely to be a smoker yourself.
  • If a friend of your friend smokes, you are still 29 percent more likely to smoke.
  • And for a friend of a friend, the likelihood is 11 percent.

That’s the power of the 5 people you surround yourself with. And the power of the 5 people THEY surround themselves with.

My client has always questioned herself when posting content to get clients.

Ever since the retreat, she has been on FIRE! and churning out some of the best writing I have seen from her.

I’m so proud.

All it took was changing her environment design.

Surrounding her with 5 women who normalized the ambition to sell a $100,000 package.

Now on to..


Here’s some quick facts about the Samita Lab Mastermind:

  • It enrolls once a year and runs from January- December
  • I’ve hosted this version of it THREE times… getting better each time!
  • It’s capped it at 8 women in a cohort
  • Run completely by me (Joya), no co-coach or assistant(I believe) it’s THE BEST value Mastermind out there.

I haven’t ever seen one that culminates in a TED style talk on stage, is this intimate size, at this price, without any other coaches/ assistants involved, and an International retreat is baked in.

Get on the waitlist here.

It might seem early to think about 2025, I get that. But I’m already thinking about next year’s retreat in Greece!

So, we’ll be doing some very early interviewing over the summer this year, and early discounts and bonuses to go with it for those that are ~all in.

What I Did Last Week (Nice, France edition)

I wrapped up my retreat.

Nice marks the half way mark with my Mastermind clients. They are on the march to their TED style talks on stage come November 14th. The Deep Writing and Reflection retreat serves to harvest deeply personal stories in service of their personal brands and their talks. See reel

Saturday We sailed from Nice to Cannes aboard a private charter, captained by Captain Yann. It was an overcast day, but the sun managed to get out by the time we went in search of the underwater art installations by Jason DeCairnes Taylor.

We stopped at La Tonelle for lunch on St. Honorat Island. The island is home to a Monastery of monks who produce wine and have lived there since the 5th century! See reel.

Sunday. I’ve been here a week. I feel like I’ve caught my groove, with sleep, workouts, gym. Each day, I discover new vegetables at the Cours Saleya market. The waiter at Magenta now recognizes me as I drop in for my morning cappuccino and pain chocolat.

Monday. The beauty of being 6 hours ahead of New York is that I get my mornings to myself. I booked tickets to a chamber music concert at the Nice Opera House.

Folks don’t go to the gym to work out here at 6am. But they are running and biking the promenade full throttle at that hour.

I did an indoor cycling class at Amplify, Nice’s answer to Soul Cycle. The attendant said, “You dance.”

I get it.

  • Tuesday. Once 2pm hits, New York is waking up and my work day starts. I perch on the little terrace in my apartment and work. Tourists walk by and wonder what the hell I am doing. I have a stunning view of the ocean and the “I love Nice” sign, where tourists click photos all day long.
  • I tried cardio kick box with Romain at Le Lab Cycling. It might be my new gym here.
  • Wednesday. Whew this was a long day. I worked with clients until 2am my time. To unwind, I went to a Vinyasa Yoga class off the Old Port in Nice.
  • Thursday. I was determined to do two things on this day.
  • Check out the ‘vetements’ stores on Place Massena. (Clothing).
  • On my morning walks, naturally, they are all closed. It’s probably saving me from me, because I carefully curated which stores I would return to.
  • I have fallen in love with the store “Mere et Filles.” Translated its “Mothers and Daughters” and feature beautiful dresses designed in France, but made in Italy.
  • A close second is Agnes B, which I hit on my walk home.
  • Friday. This newsletter to you is my last piece of work I do this week until Sunday.
  • I’m in danger of replicating my New York self here and have to be intentional about scheduling adventure and beauty (my top values.)
  • Tomorrow I head to Cap Ferrat, or billionnaires row. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Paul Allen reportedly have homes there. I’m visiting the Rothschild mansion, for the art and stunning gardens.
  • Saturday, I’m heading to the beautiful town of Eze.

What I’m Looking Forward To

Next week is a shortened work week for me. My partner and a gang of former clients and husband descend on Nice. We are headed to the lavendar fields of Valensole and off to bike Provence.

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I’ll add to it each week.

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