How 5 revisions by the composer of Madame Butterfly created an opera that resonates across generations (and why it matters to you)

How 5 Revisions

How to become the best storytelling content creator you know

One of my clients suffers from perfectionism.
She has a whole document of content.

But she won’t hit publish.
She worries if her content is relevant.

Unfortunately this won’t help her draw in business.
There is nothing for a potential client to view and say, “Oh! I see myself in that story.”


👉🏽She worries where her next client will come from
👉🏽Her entrepreneurial dreams start to wither
👉🏽She considers going back to a 9-5


I shared writer Julian Shapiro’s theory on creativity from 2021 with her

I’ve outlined it step by step in this carrousel

👉🏽Visualize your creativity as a backed-up pipe of water.
👉🏽Because your pipe only has one faucet, you gotta empty the wastewater first.
Let’s apply this to creativity
👉🏽Once the bad ideas are emptied, strong ideas begin to arrive
👉🏽In every creative session, allot time for emptying the wastewater.

Did you know that the composer of Madame Butterly wrote it no less than 5 times? I’m seeing it this weekend at the Met and was researching it.

  • When Puccini first premiered it in 1904 at the La Scala theater in Milan, it was a total disaster.

  • He rewrote it and the second version was the one that premiered in the United States in 1906. First in D.C., then in New York.

  • He wrote a third version which played at the Metropolitan Opera in 1907.

  • He did a fourth and a fifth revision, which is the version performed today.

  • It brings me to Pixar’s Rule #12:

Discount the 1st thing that comes to mind. And the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th – get the obvious out of the way. Surprise yourself. To find your best ideas, you need to unclog all the junk first.

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