“Opportunity lies in the complaint”
Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, in a motivational video about how he built his business, worth $40 billion today. He listened to his customers and recognized that there was real opportunity in what they were complaining about and built the largest e commerce portal to bring products to them.

Dear ladies:
I spend 30 minutes each day listening to motivational videos. The quote above is from a recent Jack Ma video. I thought it was such a simple statement and yet so profound. Our April 4th MEMBERS ONLY event speaker will be talking about this.
Another one of my favorite motivational videos is Tony Robbins asking listeners to raise their standards. The way to back up these standards is by establishing daily rituals.
He asks “What are your morning rituals?”  Those daily rituals determine your results.
Here are mine.

Our January 17th #LadyDrinksNY event features author Fran Hauser who wrote the book “The Myth of the Nice Girl” about women being ‘firm’ but ‘nice’ in the workplace.
Buy tix here: https://bit.ly/2AxOXaT  
It’s about being armed with language in your toolbelt that you can deploy in real time when on the spot. We will be in a private residence in Tribeca with 15 ladies only. Fran, who has spent time as an executive at Time Warner and AOL, will arm us with language that affords a woman to find her voice —gracefully— in the workplace.  After her and my chat, we will go around the room and each attendee will get one on one coaching about the specific issue they are dealing with.
Some language you can use right away if you’re finding you’re saying ‘yes’ to too many things this holiday season:

  • Let me think about that
  • Can I get back to you?
  • I appreciate you asking, but I can’t
  • I know this is important, but I can’t
  • That isn’t doable for me right now
  • Oh I wish I could!

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