9/30 Have You Checked Your ‘Deserve Levels’ lately?

Have You Checked Your ‘Deserve Levels’ Lately?

I work with a client who is a photographer. Her superpower is capturing multigenerational families who have an important story to tell to future generations.

She’s also an avid networker and recently fell into conversation with a financial advisor who handles ultra high net worth clients. The advisor offered to make introductions.

My client’s immediate talk track in her head turned to “I don’t think I can. What if I screw it up?”

Here are three things I asked her to do:

1. Remember: these are people too. However, this archetype of person may be busier than the average because they might be running multiple businesses. They may have to take multiple phone calls during a shoot. If this person can’t spare 3 hours for a photoshoot, how could she streamline her photography process now, to anticipate working with this variable?

2. Remember: your words are powerful. I was going to make an introduction to a high net worth individual who owns a company. Her sons are now running the shop. She takes an annual family photo each year, and will be in Tuscany come Fall 2024. It checks all of my client’s boxes on asks, but as she started to share her doubts out loud, I also second guessed whether or not to make the introduction. Your words are powerful. Both in your head. And out loud.

3. Work on your deserve levels: I offered an exercise from Pat Pearson, MSSW, author of “Stop Self Sabotage.” Executive Coach Deb Boulanger and I presented this at our retreat in January 2022. The exercise encourages the reader to stock of what he or she thinks he or she deserves in the areas of love, health, relationships, finance. 

  • Step 1 Create the categories of your life. 
  • Step 2 Rank what you think you deserve between 1 and 10. “1” being I don’t deserve this at all. “10” being I deserve this and more!

Jamie Kern Lima, author of the book “Worthy” and co founder of IT cosmetics. She was someone who also had big ideas. But they were dismissed. She eventually sold her big idea to L’oreal for $1.2B dollars.

“When it comes to your goals, your dreams, your dreams, we don’t soar. We stay stuck at the level of our self worth. You don’t rise to what you want you become. You settle at what you believe you are worth,” Lima concluded.

4. Do the “Core Desires” worksheet.

It will help you work through your ‘satisfaction’ level with each category above, benchmark where you prefer to be, and what’s getting in the way.  

Download here


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