Every Story. Has a ‘Before’ and an ‘After’

Every Story Has A Before And After

In every story

There is a before. 

And an after.

What’s the moment of change in your story?

Mine may have come this week.

I’m managing a tough change of life. It’s the specter, uttered in hallways and under the breath, better known as menopause. 

I’m always in control. Even in the worst of circumstances.

By Friday, my hemoglobin (a critical measure of blood) had dropped to a dangerous level.

 “You need an iron and a blood transfusion” the doctor said over the phone.

Things were kind of out of control.

I gingerly inched my way to the front door of the apartment building. 

My partner always manages to busy himself with a home ec project right as its time to leave. He was doing that now.

I steadied myself downstairs, leaning against the front door. The black spots were getting bigger.

I woke up on the sidewalk.

My partner screaming.

Blood transfusion. Iron transfusion. Surgery.

The “after.”

Two things I learned:

Share on Social 

  • Yes, there is a danger of oversharing in today’s day and age.

  • I post about banal things like weight lifting class at 6am.

  • I also post about fantastic things like a private yacht charter with clients

I put deposits into the proverbial ‘bank’ each day, by posting, expecting nothing in return.

I like making films, really.

Monday, I posted a picture of myself, waiting to go into surgery.

Not quite a hysterectomy, but another ‘ectomy.’

A well of flowers, food, comments, ladles of soup came pouring in the days subsequent. It was overwhelming.

You may think nobody is commenting, watching, reading.

You may think that old business relationship has run dry.

It hasn’t.

Relationships are the key barometer to happiness.

You are unknowingly putting good will deposits in that ‘bank’ each time you post.

Taylor Swift might be empowering.

I never thought the singer was empowering.

I’m also not a 12-year-old girl.

But this week, as she was blaring from the operating room speakers, this 51 year old thought hard about:

Her lyrics. They have always bore a raw honesty. This brand of vulnerability is the secret superconnector to her female fan base. She makes young women and girls see their own feelings and experiences in her music. Hearing her blaring unexpectedly from the speakers helped me feel less alone in that moment. 

Her hutzpah. She has fought publicly  to own the rights to her music. She shares how important is to rely on yourself and your instincts. I don’t regret the decision not to have the procedure sooner. I don’t regret last week, when I called the surgeon and said, “let’s do this.”

Her voice. Each woman my age who wrote me asked for more open conversation about menopause x women x business. Swift reminds us that there is space to have conversations outside of hallways and under our breath. No matter how disruptive.

This is What I Did Last Week

What I’m Looking Forward To

  • Celebrating Matt’s 56th birthday in Moab, Utah (April)

  • The lavendar fields in the south of France (June)


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