Even as #ExtendTheLockdown continues, Three tips to "Thinking Big"​

On #learningwednesday I like to share a book I’m reading, which help me be an effective leader. Even as news swirls about #ExtendTheLockdown, it doesn’t mean that your creative thinking has to stop.
Before I show you how, I introduce you to David Schwartz’s book “The Magic of Thinking Big.”

In it, he shares one critical trait successful people have: They focus on improving their creative thinking.
How do they do that?


#1. They try things that are totally out of their regular routine and transfer the learning to business.

Richard Branson started in the records business. He didn’t start in the airline business. But he wanted to translate the ‘rock and roll’ feel that music gave you to travel. Voila! Virgin Airlines
I work at a desk all day. I love travel hiking and rock climbing on the weekends. It forces me to think *critically* about my next step. That next firm grip on a rock is the difference between pulling myself up or falling to my death (ok dramatic, but you catch my drift). It forces me to be present. Rock climbing forces me to be nimble and always be strategizing.


#2. They drill down on their most distinguishing trait and highlight it. 

When you go to a Double tree Inn, you get a warm cookie. You will always remember that.

I’m actually really funny. I get it from my mom. I don’ t know that I share that side of me in business. I’m serious. I could take more risks with both my writing and my public speaking.


#3. They are committed to nurturing the relationships around them.

Former US President Lyndon Johnson memorized the names of everyone he met and congratulated them when they achieved things. Make everyone around you feel important. *Listen*.
I’m doubling down on adding value and building up relationships with the ladies who show up to LadyDrinks events and calls regularly. Customers will remember how you treat them now.
Bonus Tips: You are affected by the company you keep. Surround yourself with successful people
When you suffer a setback, ask yourself what is the lesson? I asked this to the kids in the kids leadership workshop we hosted last Saturday. What did you learn from the setback, and what would you do differently the next time?

The magic of thinking big.

This Saturday morning, we host Illustrator Navina Chhabria for a decision making workshop for kids.


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