4/30 Upping What You Think You Deserve

Upping What You Think You Deserve

Saturday morning I hosted a vision board event at 10am. Eight women leaders from all over the world and the country came together to share the images they attached for their futures. 

In the introductory question, I asked each to share the ‘biggest aha’ moment in putting images to their future.

One woman’s board grabbed the viewer by jugular, even over Zoom, and didn’t let go. She wanted a vacation home in Mexico. In her image, the azure of the pool, evoked a visceral response from the group. She was certain she would make this vacation home a reality, and the group didn’t doubt it. The image was so powerful.

One woman didn’t put any images on a board. She was in transition and questioned if she even deserved to have these dreams and put images to them.

I have been on my own ‘deserve levels journey.’

Today, I listen to audio books on my way to and from the gym in the mornings at 530am. I adopted this habit because my own deserve levels needed reconstruction. This morning, I was listening to Joe Vitale, a thought leader in the abundance and wealth creation space. He observed something interesting about the psychology of most people:

“People in general don’t feel they deserve great things in their lives,” he said. “People in general don’t feel they deserve ‘good’ in their lives.”

How fascinating. If that’s the case, we are operating from what our mothers whispered in our ears. And her mother whispered in her ears. If we never stop to question, will there ever be meaningful change?

Vitale’s ’ hack’ or a a way around this thinking was simple:  support a cause.

Explainer: He was homeless at one point in his life. As a result, he started a non profit called “Operation Yes” to help other homeless folks transition back into civilian life with the right amount of support.

He found that when he started to think outside of himself, and about other people, he vastly expanded his ability to receive. When he began doing something bigger than his own ego, he started to get out of his own way. When he only want money just for him, his ego kicked in, and so did his limited thinking.


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Saturday morning’s cohort of women sharing their vision boards

Saturday morning’s cohort of women sharing their vision boards

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