9/30 Question I asked myself everyday to create a month in Paris

Question I Asked Myself Everyday To Create A Month In Paris

“What do I want?”

Thinking about what you *actually want* in life can force different behavior. As Justin Welsh publishes this morning on Twitter, it can take you down a different path toward living more intentionally.

👩🏻 Are you copying someone else’s life?
💪🏼 Or designing your own?

Here is what I answered to the question “What do I want.”

-I want to spend time in Europe 4 weeks out of the year
-I want to put the systems and processes in my business so I can work from anywhere in the world.
-I want inner contentedness
-I want to stand in awe of something daily

I hosted my first event for my business July 12, 2012. Ten years and eleven months ago. This was while I was still on TV.

Step 1. My secret sauce was taking stock of my core values.


Step 2 Building the vision for the business (made a vision board).
Step 3 Building the strategy for the business (hired a business coach).
Step 4 Scheduling my year around it.

This photo is of me in the Chateau Lafitte vineyard in Bordeaux. Tomorrow, I begin thought leadership strategy with clients in Paris.

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