7/30 The Daily Journal Work I did to Create a ‘June in Paris’ ​

The Daily Journal Work I Did To Create A ‘June In Paris’ ​

One of the most seminal books I read in 2022 was a book by Dr. Ben Hardy. My friend and former member of my women’s leadership platform told me about his work. Given her incredibly successful interior decorating business, I figured she knew a thing or two about good resources.



He wrote “Be Your Future Self Now” and “10x vs 2x.”



When I think about how I created ‘a June in Paris’ for myself, I took some key steps. 


I established a morning journaling habit.

Sometimes, there was nothing to write about. The words just don’t come out. Hardy recommends a practice called “priming.”  


Put the answers to the journal prompts below in the front of your journal. I would read the answers in the morning BEFORE I started journaling. This kept my focus on the big picture (because its so easy to stuck in the weeds). I also wrote from the perspective of my future self. 



🔵 Prompt 1: Where am I right now? This can be 5-10 bullet points sharing what you are focused on, what is challenging you. I often write about my mindset, because that is my biggest friend and my worst enemy. But I will tell you that working on it, yielded my first 6 figure month.



🔵 Prompt 2: What are your wins from the last 30 days? Learnings, outcomes, the progress you have made?

My biggest win is that I am here in Paris. I made a decision. I planned for it. I saved for it. I ate out less. Took the subway more. Changed my business model so I could work from here. I  always admired folks who have been able to spend time abroad for extended periods of time. 



I also hosted my Mastermind in Italy at a villa that had been on my vision board for years.



🔵 Prompt 3: What are the key wins I want in the next 30 days? Ideally, list 3


Map out the Mastermind curriculum for 2024 while in Paris

Two VIP Clients: One for Istanbul and one for Barcelona

One C-level woman or business owner for my sail of the Turkish coast in August



🔵 Prompt 4: Where would you like to be in the next 12 months? List 3 most important?

“Spend the summer in Europe starting 2024” is brewing for me.



🔵 Prompt 5: Where would you like to be 3 years from now?


I established an evening journaling habit, where I ask different questions:


Question #1:  

The very first thing I do is reflect on the past 24 hours:

  • What did I do?
    How did it feel?
    What did I learn?


Question #2: 

A big part of journaling for me is repeating things I want to internalize:

  • Repeating goals
  • Calling out repeating mindset patterns
  • Calling out repeating feelings & lessons


The more I repeat it in my journal, the more I think about it during the day.

Question #3: 

What’s around the bend?

What can I start proactively processing through now?

I found these in Nicolas Cole’s Twitter account




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