Customizing apps for hyper-efficiency: My 4-step strategy that works every time

Customizing Apps For Hyper-Efficiency


Primary Use: Evernote is a great note-taking application. I used it to save client files when I did public speaking work with them 1:1. It helped me create, organize, and store various types of notes, which can include text, images, web clippings, audio, and more.

Features: It offers tagging, powerful search (like Notion), and integrates with many other apps and services. I liked that I can access my notes on my phone and desktop plus share them with others.

Ideal for: It’s ideal for people who need a system for organizing notes. Evernote was great for me in the early days of business, but I found the system not conducive for quick content creation. Let me explain.


Primary Use: Pocket is a read-it-later service that lets me save articles, videos to view later. As I’m ripping through newsletters in my inbox and reading, I can “save” articles I want to reference for my content creation later, by simply pasting the URL into folders I pre created.

Features: The key feature is the ability to save content from the web for offline reading. Pocket also offers a clean, distraction-free reading view and can recommend articles based on your interests.

Ideal for: It’s great for me who comes across a lot of content online that I want to read or view later and prefer a streamlined, focused reading experience when on the subway, navigating elbows and standing room only.


Readwise is a totally different animal. It bubbles up excerpts from books on my Kindle as well as articles I saved from substack. I appreciate this because I may not go back and re read the book, but salient points get bubbled back up in a daily email digest.

Primary Use: Readwise is mainly focused on helping me review and retain information from my digital reading.

Features: It consolidates highlights and notes and uses spaced repetition and other techniques to help me revisit and remember important parts of books like Ryan Serhant’s “Big Money Energy.”

Ideal for: It’s ideal for me who does a lot of reading across different platforms and I want to remember and utilize the insights I gain from it.


I will save just a phrase or two from that article, for searchability later. But i’m putting similar ideas together in folders to make a cogent argument for a future post. If I know I need to go back and reference context, I will have the article saved.

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