Content Mistakes Everyone (From Intern To Executive) Should Avoid

Content Mistakes Everyone (From Intern To Executive) Should Avoid

I’ve had a front row seat to women leaders crafting content for the last 11 years.

After coaching so many on their public speaking, podcasting, blogging and thought leadership, I see the mistakes everyone (from intern to executive) makes

Let’s dive in:

Mistake #1: She never arrives at a point

Too often, a woman leader will publish a Medium article or an entire coffee table book and never arrive at a cogent point in her stories.

She verbally meanders in one big run-on sentence. Only to get 1 like. No purchase.

Instead, could she ask a qualified second set of eyes to review the copy and edit it.

This is what ends up leading to a post that gets more likes, more shares and ultimately builds community.

Mistake #2: Never tells a good personal story

A good story can draw in any reader.

But most are scared to put too much of their personal lives out there.

Posts stay high level and speak in generalities. But most successful people who get hundreds of “likes and comments” use a personal story to drive home a point.

Don’t get it confused: Caution is good, but it’s far from what makes the most impact. Take a look at Eli Albrecht’s story about Jewish Shabbat.

Mistake #3: Never shares what he/she learned from the experience

Until you’ve got 41,000 followers on LinkedIn like Eli, don’t take your eye off the ball.

An old Chilean quote: Criticizing a musician is easy, but it is more difficult when you have a guitar in your hand.

To this day, I hang this quote up on my wall because it reminds me keep sharing the lessons, not just the story. That’s my gift to the audience. See my Diwali post from last year. It got 16 shares and 21 comments.

Mistake #4: Builds a community

Traditional wisdom says post everyday. You will get clients.

But that’s only true if you do two things correctly:

  • Build a community around your thing first

  • Engage with them, bring them on the journey with you.

Build community first. Then its much easier to convert.

Mistake #5: Just posting for the sake of it.

We all think we can write.

We all think we have unlimited ideas.

We all think we are immune to our businesses failing.

But the truth is, we’re not.

Which is why it’s much better to solve a current problem you see versus creating a solution to a problem no one has.

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