Christmas In Paris: Not Just another Holiday, But a Chance to Craft your Legacy

Christmas In Paris

An exclusive opportunity during the most magical time of the year.


I have a client who is thinking ahead. Sunsetting her career.

She doesn’t want to be CEO forever.

She’s done two very key things:

  • Changed her board to reflect the demographic she serves.

  • Changed her team to reflect the demographic she serves.


In our VIP day together last year, we drafted the playbook on how she did it with her current organization.

Step by step. 

  • Where she went to find candidates.

  • How she made decisions.

  • How she trains her team to act at the most critical moments.

When she launches her consultancy, she has this playbook to share. Her asset. Her legacy. For any company with a mandate to diversify and doesn’t know where or how to start, she could share her playbook.

In Paris, December 2024 this year, we advance the work:

1/ We map the 3 ways she can go to market as a consultant.

  • An audit

  • High level strategy

  • A long term contract, hiring candidates

2/ I mapped out a wireframe of what her consulting website could look like. This becomes the “storefront” of how people elect to work with her.

3/ I scheduled a brand photo shoot.

All of the photos I currently have of her are corporate.

We need to show her in scenarios that are much softer. More approachable.

4/ I am interviewing her to draft her story and why she is the one to help.

  • She didn’t come all the way to Paris to sit in a boardroom with me.

  • There is a private salon at Chanel to learn how Coco built the first women’s workwear brand.

  • There is a private tour of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Paris. There is only one tour offered a day.

My approach is grounded in the belief that to truly connect with and lead others, a leader must first understand their own story. But not all environments are conducive to this level of introspection and creativity.

My “Strategic Solitude” intensives get my women leaders out of their routines and comfort zones and places them in settings that stimulate the mind, invigorate the senses, and create the white space necessary for profound reflection and growth.

This Christmas.

It’s Paris.


In this week’s newsletter

-Two VC’s give a masterclass in business in this podcast

-2 powerful scripts to exit crappy conversations


One leadership tip

Have you checked out the podcast Acquired? Two VC’s chat in depth (like for hours) about companies like Nintendo, Nike, Nvidia, and the NFL. I think what’s interesting is because they are VC’s they provide insightful, but accessible financial analysis of the companies. Each episode is a master class in business.


One public speaking tip

Struggling to exit those crappy conversations while networking?

Here’s how to do it smoothly:

  • Use a Positive Closing Line: Express appreciation for the conversation, such as, “I really enjoyed our discussion about [topic].”

  • Make Future Plans: Suggest a future interaction, like, “I’d love to hear more about your [project/idea]. Can we schedule a call next week?”

  • Introduce Them to Someone Else: If appropriate, introduce the person to another attendee. This can be a great way to exit while also adding value to their networking experience.


One Adventure Tip

When you’re ready, book your “Strategic Solitude” intensive with me.

Noelia Kvaternik, Noelia Yoga and Wellness

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