6/30 How I’m Copying My NYC Workouts in Paris

My friend Anjalee always jokes, that if I was ever kidnapped, everyone would know what I ate, who I was with, and where I was because I document everything on my Instagram stories, minute to minute. On this feed, you will also find a daily post from any workout I am doing that day. When […]

4/30 How to realize that ‘bucket list’ item

I’ve often thought about the regrets I would have on my deathbed. This is a little dark, but stay with me on this. The first regret (and subsequent pivot) came at the 10 year mark of my career on television. My contract with ABC had come up for renewal. Morning news was a fast-paced cadence. […]

How to Set Boundaries with “Boundary Boss” Terri Cole

How to Set Healthy Boundaries with “Boundary Boss” Author Terri Cole Purchase the video Terri Cole is a psychotherapist, author (of “Boundary Boss”) and an expert on the self-care challenges inherent in being a business leader. She talked us through strategies, scripts, and practices for boundary setting. Part of the problem, Cole explains, is that […]

How to be Assertive…but with grace

This Wednesday, I’m speaking on a panel at the WINSummit for women, and the topic is negotiation. My panel specifically addresses assertiveness. Is it hurtful or helpful to women? Let me start by saying, I was born and raised Indian, which is a patriarchal society. In my home, women and girls didn’t have a voice. […]