How to do Storytelling In Meetings: Jeff Bezos’ Framework

Yesterday, I shared this post on how to do better storytelling in meetings in the workplace. But you’re wondering, well, “how do I do it?” I share how in this newsletter.   In 2004, Jeff Bezos famously banned power point presentations in favor of a hosting meetings with a memo that follows a narrative style. […]

One Small Shift That Builds Your Personal Brand (From Vacation)

In today’s issue, I want to walk through an important shift for anyone who wants do some personal brand storytelling while traveling. Moving from general posts like “Hey, I went here!” to a “How I made this trip possible” can add value to the audience. This approach helps you add some personality to your otherwise, […]

7 Stories Resilient People Tell

7 Rules of Resilient people Resilient people tell these 7 stories to themselves: →I am autonomous and independent →I seek out new experiences →I use skills I *already have* effectively →I believe that me, not my circumstances, affect my achievements. →I determine my own fate. →I see adversity as an opportunity to learn and grow […]