How to Set Boundaries with “Boundary Boss” Terri Cole

How to Set Healthy Boundaries with “Boundary Boss” Author Terri Cole Purchase the video Terri Cole is a psychotherapist, author (of “Boundary Boss”) and an expert on the self-care challenges inherent in being a business leader. She talked us through strategies, scripts, and practices for boundary setting. Part of the problem, Cole explains, is that […]

In Conversation with the CEO of Zingeroo, Zoë Barry

In Conversation with the CEO of Zingeroo, Zoë Barry Listen to the Podcast Zoë Barry is a young serial entrepreneur and business mentor who is set to change the world with her entrepreneurial skills. She is the founder and CEO of Zingeroo, a company that started over a sibling rivalry. It is not her first […]

Unlock The Confidence You Need to Succeed in Business With Liz Bentley

Unlock the Confidence

Executive Coach and Consultant Liz Bentley here describes her six-step method for personal growth, leading towards that elusive seven-figure salary. Much of what Bentley describes as holding women back is centered on the different ways in which boys and girls are brought up, the expectations put upon them, and the behaviors that are considered appropriate.