9.24 Edition

I was looking at my calendar on Sunday and I got SO excited. You know why? No imminent adventure was looming, save for a Wednesday lecture at the Met. I had **uck all on my calendar. TOTAL WHITE SPACE. Part of it was intentional and by design. My Mastermind is getting ready to give their Tedx style talks […]

9.17 Edition

In this weekly newsletter, I share what I am up to personally and professionally. For those who are new, I drive programming at my leadership platform with a big element of adventure. I’ll be in Barcelona in December for 13 days. This trip, includes a VIP Day with a client to work on her TEDTalk and e-book. […]

9.10 Edition

In this newsletter, I share whats happening with me both personally and professionally. But first a story: In 2014, (back when I still took cabs) I was in the backseat, futzing with the video screen to turn the annoying video off. It was a woman teaching how to quilt. By the third cab, it was […]

9.3 Edition

This week, I am getting the programming for the 2024 class of the Samita Lab Mastermind.  This year’s retreat is in Nice, France. The cultural immersives feature a cooking class, with a morning visit to the market to get vittles for an authentic Niçois meal.  The perfume making class is really a metaphor. As we […]

8.27 Edition

Monday We tied up a beautiful 13 days in Turkey this week, including the annual Women’s Leadership Lab sail (drone video by Omer Oner Fotografer). Trips to off-the-beaten path places like this always challenge me. But it’s also an opportunity for growth.   I tell a story about coming head to head with a moment of […]

15/30 The Traveller. She Immerses.

My first business journalism assignment was profiling a nail salon. I was in high school. The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania hired me to write an article for the “lifestyle” section. A new nail salon had opened in the mall, and my assignment was to profile the local business. I wasn’t shy. I asked the owner […]

14/30 3 Ways to Put more Adventure into Your Leadership

“You travel a lot,” I heard this week while in Turkey leading the annual women’s leadership lab sail. It wasn’t always this way. I grew up with traditional Indian parents. No Friday night football games. No dances. No sleepovers. No going outdoors until 6pm. “You’ll get dark.” I left at 18 and was on my […]

13/30 Overcoming Fear in Turkey

I’ve never welcomed the fear that wells up in my stomach. It’s a sure fire signal to do the unknown. Today that brand of fear made itself known in my belly. Our boat captain took us to “Delikli Magara” —-a little cave carved into a rock face in the Gulf of Fethiye, Turkey. (see photo […]

12/30 How I Built a Business with Adventure Leadership

Trip end As another retreat draws to a close in Turkey, it’s a somber day. We said “goodbye” to our crew who fed, cared for, and catered to every need on the gulet for the week. Cohabitating together created a sense of family. I found the Turkish people kind-hearted and filled with a deep sense […]

11/30 A Success Story on How I Filled my Mastermind for 2023

For context, I am a small business owner. I also grew up with a poor money mindset. Money and the lack of it was a highly emotionally charged topic in my household as a kid. My mothers mantra: nice houses, nice cars, savings. Those belonged to others – not us. I left home with this […]