Building a Dream Network: Mastering the Art of Cold Emails

Building a Dream Network:
Mastering the Art of Cold Emails

November 14th, LadyDrinks hosts author and networking expert Kelly Hoey for a lunch and learn. She authored the book “Build Your Dream Network.” She will present innovative strategies for forming strong relationships—the genuine, mutually beneficial, long-lasting kind—using all of the social tools at your disposal. She will also reveal creative and surprisingly simple ways to harness the power of your network to accomplish any ambition, from landing your dream job or a coveted account or client to successfully crowdfunding a new business venture. RSVP here

I repurposed this story from Brunchwork yesterday. When Arteen Arabshahi VC at WndrCo – Jeffrey Katzenberg’s $1B holding company, decided he really, really wanted to get into tech, he had no idea how. So, he cold emailed 150 people. It worked. He landed his first tech job from one of those conversations.

Want to master cold emails? Here’s Arteen’s advice:

Personalization is key. 

Arteen’s inbox is full of cold emails. And while he tries to answer them all, the people he has extended convos with are the ones who show they know a bit about him (like the fact that he does slam poetry!).

It can be as simple as “I saw you did XYZ” or “We have XYZ in common.” If you’re making a list of people who truly interest you, this shouldn’t be that hard.


Be brief and specific. 

Novels will go unread and unanswered.
In your subject line, be very clear about the purpose of your email. (i.e., “Reaching Out to Chat About Your Work with XYZ”).

Then, in the email: Write 2-lines max stating your intentions plus a nugget of personalization. That’s it.


Reach out to anyone who interests you. 

For Arteen, it was people in VC and big tech, plus entrepreneurs he’d read about. Put them in a spreadsheet, find their email addresses, and contact every single one. What do you have to lose? (Hint: Nothing.)

Source: Brunchwork


What will you takeaway from the November 14th Lunch and Learn with Kelly Hoey?

  • Determine the most effective ways to connect with others so you don’t clutter your calendar with dead-end coffee dates and informational interviews
  • Synchronize IRL networking efforts with your digital outreach
  • Turn “closed door” conversations into strong personal relationships and business opportunities
  • Eliminate FOMO by keeping your networking efforts focused


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