Build Your Signature Scent. Build Your Personal Brand.

Build Your Signature Scent. Build Your Personal Brand.

A little while ago, this little Indian girl headed off to deep Brooklyn to take a perfume making class with a guy from Paris.

If you know me a little, adventure is my top value. I don’t always have to get on a plane to experience one. This Thursday evening, a subway ride on the “F” train sufficed.

As I climbed out of the bowels of the subway into the lively BedStuy neighborhood, families loaded up mini-vans with kids and groceries. Good folks sat on concrete front stoops, gossiping about the news of the day. Some glossy new construction was going up on the corner. But this part of Brooklyn had managed to keep its charm.

Nathan shared a sunny ‘hello’ from the top of the stairwell as I buzzed his front door.

“You Joya? You’re the only one tonight. All the others cancelled last minute.”

More for me, I thought.

Nathan sat me down in his studio, hardwood floors gleaming with a fresh shine, and laid trays and trays of essences in front of me. I was tasked with sniffing each one and shortlisting my faves. The architecture of perfume consists of:

  • The ‘base notes’ — the scents that linger on your sweater, long after application. It’s the foundation of a signature scent. I chose tobacco, myrrh, and leather. (testosterone much?) He directed how many drops of each went in the test tube.

  • The ‘heart notes’ are the middle layer, designed to amplify the base notes. I chose honeysuckle (25 drops), Muguet (20 drops), and white ginger (15 drops)

  • The “top notes” are what we smell when we first spritz a perfume on our wrists. Mine were bay rum, peach and black tea. (yum!)

Nathan encouraged me to adjust, adding more drops of this and that. Spritzing the smell onto a thin white strip of paper, and wafting under my nose.

Until it was just right.

The final flourish, adding a healthy dollop of alcohol to dilute the essential oils and funneling the brew into a perfume dispenser. My ‘signature scent’ is currently ‘aging’ like fine wine on my desk, away from the sunshine until October 12th, when I open it.

As I ambled down Nathan’s stairs and on to the sidewalk, I noted two things:

Night fall was coming sooner. Summer was ending.

Building my own signature scent isn’t so different from building a personal brand.

  • The base notes are the top thing I’m known for in rooms I’m not in: Adventure.

  • The heart notes are the topics I swivel through in my content: mindset work, the discipline, and the content I cultivated in order to build a business around this value.

  • The top notes are the striking visuals I use to draw folks in.

I loved this experience so much that I’m hosting Nathan and his perfume making prowess Wednesday October 25th. Eight women leaders are invited to join me at a private studio in midtown West. Would you like to come? Receive your registration link here.

Afterwards, share out loud how this experience parallels the build of your own personal brand.

Now on to this week’s newsletter:

One Leadership Tip

Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs have a saying.

When something sucks, they say: “Full benefit.”

It’s an instant mindset shift.

  • Hiking in pouring rain? Full benefit

  • Lose draft of a project? Full benefit

  • Driving + car breaks down? Full benefit

The lesson is simple and powerful: Every adversity provides an opportunity to improve.

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One Public Speaking Tip

Joya crossing the street

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One Adventure Tip

Travel journal features travel journals. As you travel, record your favorite memories with pages to journal, scrapbook and write highlights. There are even travel games to fill time on long journeys.

October 13th, I’ll be on Shelly Lombard‘s panel on how to fit more travel into your already busy life with 3 other exciting women. Sign up here.

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