4/30 How to realize that ‘bucket list’ item

How To Realize That Bucket List

I’ve often thought about the regrets I would have on my deathbed.

This is a little dark, but stay with me on this.

The first regret (and subsequent pivot) came at the 10 year mark of my career on television. My contract with ABC had come up for renewal.

Morning news was a fast-paced cadence. Daily, I was up at 2:30am, in the studio by 3:30am, on the air by 5:00 am. Delivering hourly reports on the markets. Down and dirty. Get it out. Get it out. Get it out.

I thought to myself, “Where is the body of work I could look back on and be proud of?”

I went on to form a documentary production company, where I could produce long form pieces, revise and take time to make them beautiful. While the production company is no more, it planted the seeds for the Women’s Leadership Lab today.

The second regret has been growing louder in the last few year. I was born American, and only know the ‘live to work’ mentality. I have been craving what it’s like to ‘work to live.’ 

By the end of 2022 as I was writing in my journal, I could no longer ignore the voice. “I wrote in my journal, ‘I will live in Europe for 4 weeks.'” 

If you have a ‘bucket list’ item you wish to realize, here are the steps I took:

Step 1. I was incredibly inspired by my interview with Lisa Druxman, CEO and founder of Fit4Mom, re-introducing fitness to new moms, with a franchise model at its core. Her business, with revenue north of $5MM, was flourishing, but she wasn’t happy. Her ‘come-to-Jesus moment’ was realizing she wasn’t observing her top values, which were family, fitness, and health. Today, when she schedules her week, she reviews her values, outlines the vision, creates the strategy, then schedules her week. Each year, she takes her family to Europe for 4 weeks. Her OOO message reads, if you message her during this time, it will be deleted.  Full interview here. 

Step 2: I re-organized my business model entirely September of last year to reflect my top values, which are Adventure. Beauty. Freedom. I knew my revenue would dip, but my 10x goal needed 10x systems.  Today, I offer VIP strategy days one-on-one with clients to leverage my gifts: public speaking, storytelling, clear and sharp writing. I’m not a tree. I can move. so this year, I’m doing them in Paris, Istanbul, and Barcelona. What I will be working on with my 3 clients in Paris.

Step 3: I started producing and writing long form content.  Posts. Newsletters. Each piece had a call to action at the bottom. I got in front of new clients. I stayed top of mind with old clients. Many referred the current VIP clients I’ve serviced and will work with this year.

If you would like to figure out your top values, download my exercise and worksheet here.

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