How I Broke Through My Limiting Beliefs

I have been a small business owner for 11 years. When I reflect back, the journey to charge my worth is the story worth telling. The daily work it takes to turn one’s story about money around. In fact, it’s a lot easier to solve than most people think. Here they are, and how I […]

My 11 Tips to Building a Six Figure Business

I spent over 1,000 hours learning to build a six figure business effectively— because college completely failed to teach me. Here’s everything I learned distilled into 11 points (that you can start applying today): 1/Get clear on the problem you solve. This is different than the problem you divined in a silo and now are […]

The Best Book I’ve Read This Year

The best book I’ve read this year: “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker. Buried inside this gem are 4 statements that revolutionized the way I think about sleep. Here are 4 things I learned that will change the way you think about sleep too: Our body needs 3 kinds of sleep. One clears out the […]

But…Work On Your Mindset First

Me 6 years ago: -Worrying about making rent -Business in the red. -No strategy Me now: -Just created a six figure thought leadership package for 2024 -Hosted client VIP Days in Montreal, Paris, New York, Barcelona in 2023 Work on your mindset. My interview with Debra Clary on what she works on first thing in […]

The Don’ts & Dos of Documenting How you Do What you Do

If you’re thinking about publishing thought leadership, what you shouldn’t think: “What am I going to say that hasn’t already been said?” People work with people they like. People like to work with those who ‘get them.’ I might have a Korean American, Indian American and Caucasian woman in front of me. Each will have […]

3 Content Ideas for a High End Photographer

8am call with a client. We were thinking through her thought leadership. She’s not your everyday photographer. She is someone who takes your family portrait and turns it into an oil painting that is hung above a mantle and tells a story. But she often gets stuck when staring at a blank page, wondering what […]

She Put Her Strategy Out There For All to See

Put your strategy out there. This week, I heard a conversation between the directors of two of the biggest museums in the world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre. Laurence des Cars is the first woman director of the Louvre in its 230 year history. “That comes with its own politics,” she wryly […]

9.24 Edition

I was looking at my calendar on Sunday and I got SO excited. You know why? No imminent adventure was looming, save for a Wednesday lecture at the Met. I had **uck all on my calendar. TOTAL WHITE SPACE. Part of it was intentional and by design. My Mastermind is getting ready to give their Tedx style talks […]

A Script for How to Say ‘No’ (and do it gracefully)

See yourself here on a Friday in June. We hop a motor boat from Nice to Cannes, France, put on our snorkel gear and check out this underwater art installation by Jason deCaires Taylor. Enroll in the 2024 Class of my Samita Lab Mastermind and we will be there together for the annual retreat. Apply […]

9.17 Edition

In this weekly newsletter, I share what I am up to personally and professionally. For those who are new, I drive programming at my leadership platform with a big element of adventure. I’ll be in Barcelona in December for 13 days. This trip, includes a VIP Day with a client to work on her TEDTalk and e-book. […]