The mindset needed to successfully negotiate

The good news is that negotiating skills can be learned and perfected.  1. Prepare fully. Do your research at Fairygodboss or Glassdoor. Know what your seat commands. Ask your peers. Ask mentors. People don’t like what they believe they’re not good at I admired a friend for her negotiation skills at a largely male-driven organization. […]

Why We as Women Need to Learn to Delegate

When we, as women leaders, justify “holding onto work.” We confuse “being involved” with “being essential.” To know if you’re guilty of holding on to too much, answer this simple question: If you had to take an unexpected week off work, would your initiatives and priorities advance in your absence? In this episode, we talk […]

Where Do Limiting Beliefs Around Money Come From?

WHERE DO LIMITING BELIEFS AROUND MONEY COME FROM? Women can be raised with a negative money mindset. This mindset can be passed down for generations. Because of the way our primitive brains operate, women have a tendency to conform and let “the man” deal with safeguarding the nest. This part of the brain that contains […]

The Gift of Perspective

As a woman leader, understanding the other person’s perspective radically increases our success AND increases our ability to communicate our own perspectives. Here are 6 ways to improve your perspective in business. 1. ASK QUESTIONS. ASK WHY. BE OPEN 2. HIRE FROM OUTSIDE 3. CO LOCATE. GET TO KNOW PEOPLE. 4. INCREASE AUTONOMY 5. BE […]

About the Company We Keep

We are the sum of the 5 people we spend time with.  The company we keep, as women leaders, can help to anchor in a new belief system. Here is a list of the 5 people we, as women leaders, should surround ourselves with 1. Take a hard look at friends and family Story:I remember […]

The power of the subconscious mind.

WHAT IS THE 90/10 RULE?  The subconscious mind is like the court stenographer. It’s recording every trauma that has happened to us. Maybe it was the first time we got fired. Every bad thing that someone has said to us. That time that someone called us fat.Left unchecked, all of that ’stuff’ and scripts in […]

Failure is the first step to success.

People with a growth mindset don’t see failure as the end of the journey. They view failure as part of the growth process.  Here are 5 ways you, as a woman leader, can practice a growth mindset and embrace failure. 1. LOOK FOR CHALLENGES If you are afraid of failure, seek a challenge that isn’t […]

The differences between an open mindset and a closed mindset.

As women leaders, it’s important to understand what it means to have an “open mindset” versus a “fixed mindset.”  The most successful leaders have a growth mindset.  Consider Chef Daniel Humm of the chic NY restaurant Eleven Madison. He knew, when the pandemic set in, nobody was giving a hoot about his lavender duck recipe. […]

The beliefs and mindsets for success

As we discussed in Season 1, values help make you an authentic leader. Today, we layer on another factor: beliefs and mindset. In today’s episode, we share 5 ways for women leaders to address mindset. 1. Your mindset fuels your actions, which create your reality. Our brains create up to 60,000 thoughts per day. The […]

“ I have just been promoted to my FIRST MANAGEMENT ROLE!”

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