11/30 A Success Story on How I Filled my Mastermind for 2023

A Success Story On How I Filled My Mastermind For 2023

For context, I am a small business owner. I also grew up with a poor money mindset. Money and the lack of it was a highly emotionally charged topic in my household as a kid. My mothers mantra: nice houses, nice cars, savings. Those belonged to others – not us.

I left home with this mindset at 18 and launched into “survivor mentality” for many years. I had rare moments of complete faith in myself which got me through college and grad school. But my poor money mindset came with me. I was not a great advocate for myself when it came to negotiating higher salaries or charging more for my services. I demanded “just enough” to eek by.

As I began to look inward and do some serious worthiness work, all I heard was “It was for others. Not me.”

What I did to change all of the above and have my first six figure month in business:


1. I hired business and sales coaches.

First coach to get to low six figures. Second coach to get to mid six figures. Third and fourth to get to seven. At each juncture, that coach was making the level I was aiming for. Each shared accessible strategies to make the level happen.


2. Each “next level of me” also demanded new versions of me.

I worked out first thing every morning. There were down days but If I could win my morning, it set the tone for the day. I was introduced to the non alcoholic movement in NYC. An influencer told me she had a clearer line to creative ideas for business as a result. That was all I needed to hear to quit drinking alcohol. I didn’t just double down. I tripled down on self care.


3. I began journaling daily.

My future self ran the journaling show in the morning. My current self reflected at night taking stock of what worked, what didn’t that day. More here at this blog post https://lnkd.in/e889d_-X


4. I listened to affirmations on YouTube as I went to bed to reprogram my subconscious mind.

I used the ThinkUp app to record the affirmations in my own voice to supercharge the process.


5. I imagined myself talking to others about how I successfully filled my mastermind.

I also imagined others talking about the deep writing and reflection retreat I was hosting in Tuscany.


6. Vision Boarded

I put images of 14 women on an adventure (hiking, swimming) on my vision board and reviewed it daily to activate my reticular activating system. See this blog post on how to make a vision board



The result: I was really surprised with the level of ease with which i filled the mastermind. Now I’m getting ready to enroll next years class and it’s August. I may only have 2 spots remaining. Each is building a personal brand culminating in them giving a Tedx style talk on a NYC stage. Fill out the waitlist for the 2024 class of the Samita Lab Mastermind here https://lnkd.in/eZ2smwya

I hope this story helps somebody.

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