A Script for How to Say ‘No’ (and do it gracefully)

Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor

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Now on to this week’s newsletter:

I hosted a Mastermind lunch this past Saturday with 8 women. One consistent challenge that comes up again and again at the table is “How do I say ‘no’ and do it gracefully?”

Here is a script that I plan to start using:

  • Start with warmth. “Thank you for thinking of us”
  • Tell the person what you’re saying yes to right now “Right now, I’m focusing on my Mastermind’s TedxTalks”
  • Give your no. Because my focus is there, unfortunately, I won’t be able to join you upstate Columbus Day Weekend”
  • End with warmth “I hope you have a good getaway”

I found this in the Art of Manliness: A better way to say ‘no’

One Leadership Tip

Diversity of thought leads to innovation: “….employees who are in organizations where they can use their voices, they feel heard. They see themselves reflected in other employees and leaders. When diversity is encapsulated wholeheartedly, they feel more comfortable and safer bringing their extraordinary ideas to the table.” Source

My interview: How to Build a Brand That is Inclusive with Sonia Thompson (audio)

One Adventure Tip

This past Saturday’s Mastermind lunch was at a vineyard in the Hamptons.

I structure the day, so that by the end of it, the attendees get a potential solution to a challenge they are facing, and crowdsource it from the 8 minds around the table. I moderate.

These challenges are published ahead of time on a private landing page, so everyone attending can bring bullet points for discussion.

I ask a series of questions on 2 hour limo ride to and from so everyone can learn how the other people think. Here is the album from the day and the questions I asked.

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