A GOOGLE chrome plugin that monitors your email and flags you everytime
you say something that diminishes your voice.
Dear ladies:
As you know, our January 17th event is with featured author Fran Hauser.  Based on her experiences as a long time executive at Time Warner and AOL, she wrote a book called “The Myth of the Nice Girl” arming women with actionable tools you can say ‘no’ but nicely and with the message that you have boundaries.
She shares a chapter called “Speech weakeners” marvelling at how many times she herself and her mentees have said “sorry” in the workplace. Whether its in daily exchanges on the job, on the street, or in emails.
“Sorry for the delay in responding to your email.”
“Sorry I can’t meet at that time.”
She says, we undermine our power every time we apologize for things that don’t need apologies. She recommends downloading a Google Chrome extension called “Just not Sorry” which highlights phrases in your emails that may be undermining your message.
Try it and let me know what you come up with.
One of the ways to achieve your goals for 2019 is to surround yourself with women who are like minded and are willing to offer advice all year long. LadyDrinks membership offers accountability circles where you are batched with women with similar interests. In these weekly emails, you raise your hand to say, “I need help with time management” or “I need a new financial advisor” and so on. Join at www.ladydrinks.com
I did a vision boarding session last night with my book club on women’s leadership. I thought critically about “Who I want to be in 2019?” While I already had the images, I needed to cut out some powerful words to accompany them.
Wellness and strength was an image that made it on to my board. I envy the gals in the front row at Soul Cycle and hope to make it there by the end of 2019. I suspect I have about 100 classes to go!
LadyDrinks member Ami Patel, who is Director of Product Development and Alliance Management at Vgyaan Pharmaceuticals, wrote a really touching contribution about her wellness. She got really sick in early January 2017, forcing her to evaluate her time and her priorities. But the hardest part was not having to justify who she was becoming— to others.
This tees up our next two events. One on wellness. One on tackling tough conversations.
On January 31st, LadyDrinks hosts a fireside chat with two powerhouse South Asian women on the topic of putting wellness first: Rebecca Parekh, founder of The Well, and Sonia Patel, Chief Pharmacist and co-founder of the digital pharmacy Capsule.
Rebecca had a successful career in banking. While she loved her job, the demands and stress of it were real. One visit to a spa in Arizona helped hit the ‘reset’ button on her professional ambitions. She wanted to bring destination wellness to an urban market. This Spring, Rebecca flings open the doors on The Well, a new 13,000 sq foot membership-only, wellness facility opening in Union Square.
Sonia Patel was a former pharmacy manager for Sam’s Club. But she and co founder, Eric Kinariwala, a former Bain Capital analyst, were painfully aware that going to a pharmacy wasn’t always the most pleasant experience. And they wanted to reimagine this piece of everyday wellness.
The pair launched a start up called Capsule, staffed with full time pharmacists and couriers who will deliver your medicine to you anywhere in New York City.
Join us for an engaging chat with two powerful female role models at Luminary, the new collective for women, located on 29th and Broadway 6-8pm. BUY TIX HERE
February 7th is an opportunity for members to meet one another and socialize. Rebecca Maxwell of Asentiv will be the featured speaker and hosting a workshop on  “Tackling Tough Conversations.”  Sometimes, its about having the language in your toolbelt that you can deploy in real time.

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