A Menu of Transformations I Provide During a VIP Day

Transformations I Provide During A VIP Day

Below, you will find the types of exercises I run clients through during a VIP Day, now known as “Strategic Solitude.”

I pick a combination of **three** that best deliver the results for you during our day long intensive.


Below is a menu of exercises I choose from when discovering your personal brand.

Core Values Exercise

In a world that often demands we prioritize external success and recognition, it’s easy to lose sight of the values that give our lives meaning and purpose. Our Core Values Exercise offers a structured way to discover what yours are

Key Features of the Exercise:

  1. Comprehensive Values Inventory: Begin with our curated list of 50 core values, a comprehensive collection that represents the breadth of human motivation and purpose. This diverse list ensures that all participants can find values that resonate deeply with them.

  2. Structured Selection Process: Through a guided process, you will select 10 values that feel significant to you. This initial selection is just the beginning of your journey towards self-discovery.

  3. Focused Narrowing: The challenge continues as you narrow your selection to 5, and then to the top 2 core values. This step requires introspection and honesty, as you peel away layers to reveal what is truly central to your identity beyond the workplace.

  4. Beyond Work: Our unique approach emphasizes identifying values that define you outside of your professional achievements. By stripping away work-related identities, you get to the heart of your personal ethos, uncovering the values that guide your decisions, relationships, and sense of self.

  5. Practical Integration: Discover strategies to integrate your core values into every aspect of your life. Learn how to make decisions aligned with your values, improve your relationships, and live with authenticity and integrity.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone seeking to:

  • Gain clarity on their personal values and how they impact their life.
  • Live more authentically and make decisions aligned with their true self.
  • Enhance their understanding of what drives their motivations and behaviors.
  • Cultivate a business that reflects their deepest beliefs and value
First Impression Audit

Elevate your personal and professional brand with our “First Impression Audit” exercise. Designed to provide you with a crystal-clear understanding of how you’re perceived by others, this exercise is a game-changer for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in their field or business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or simply on a journey of self-improvement, it offers invaluable insights into your personal brand and how you can enhance it.

Key Features of the Exercise:

1. **Discover Your Brand Essence:** Through a structured exercise, we help you identify the one word or concept that people associate with you when you’re not in the room. This could range from being known as a “Strategist” akin to Tim Ferriss with his “Four Hour Work Week,” to a “Motivator” like Mel Robbins and her “5 Second Rule,” or an “Empath” reminiscent of Brené Brown’s focus on vulnerability.

2. **Trusted Feedback Circle:** We guide you in selecting six individuals from your network—be they former employers, colleagues, or current clients—who are known for their honesty and constructive feedback, not just those who agree with you. This diversity ensures a well-rounded view of your current brand perception.

3. **Comprehensive Questionnaire:** Our program includes a carefully crafted set of questions that your chosen circle will answer, covering everything from the immediate impression you make when entering a room, to specific areas where you excel and aspects you could improve upon.

4. **Skill Enhancement Insights:** Based on the feedback, we pinpoint key skills you can hone to elevate your personal brand and effectiveness in your role or industry.

5. **One-on-One Consultation:** Post-feedback, you’ll have a personal consultation with our branding experts to analyze the results and develop a tailored action plan. This plan will not only address areas for improvement but also strategies to amplify your strengths.

6. **Effortless Coordination:** To simplify the process, we provide tools and resources like a Calendly link setup to efficiently schedule feedback sessions, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your respondents.

Who is this for?

This exercise is perfect for individuals seeking to:

– Gain a deeper understanding of their personal and professional brand.

– Improve their interpersonal and professional skills based on constructive feedback.

– Enhance their impact and influence in their personal and professional circles.

– Align their self-perception with how others view them, bridging gaps and leveraging strengths.

Transform How the World Sees You

You’re not just discovering how the world sees you; you’re taking the first step towards reshaping that perception. By understanding your current brand essence and the areas you can enhance, you’ll be equipped to project a more authentic and powerful version of yourself.  

Time Log Exercise

Introducing our “Narrative Discovery” exercise, a uniquely designed service that empowers you to connect deeply with your personal journey, unlocking the power of your story to resonate with clients and clarify your professional mission. This is not just about reflecting on your past; it’s about discovering the ‘why’ behind what you do, leveraging your life’s narrative to foster genuine connections and drive your future forward.


Our lives are a collection of stories, each segment marked by events, themes, and pivotal moments that shape who we are and what we value. The “Narrative Discovery” exercise offers a structured approach to break down your life into three-year increments, enabling a comprehensive exploration of your personal and professional evolution.

How It Works:

1. **Life Segmentation Exercise:** Starting from the age of 18, we guide you through dividing your life into three-year segments, encouraging a thorough examination of significant events and themes up until three years beyond your current age. This structured breakdown facilitates a deep dive into the chapters of your life, allowing for a nuanced understanding of your journey.

2. **Event Mapping and Theme Identification:** For each segment, you’ll document key events and define the overarching theme. Whether it’s graduating college, embarking on a new career, or personal milestones, each period tells a part of your story.

3. **Pivotal Moments Highlight:** The core of this program lies in identifying 3 to 5 pivotal events that have been critical to your growth and success. What do these moments have in common? Discovering this thread provides insights into the values and motivations that underpin your actions and decisions.

4. **Future Visioning:** Extend your narrative by envisioning the events you wish to unfold in the next three years. This forward-looking exercise aligns your past and present with your aspirations, setting a clear direction for your journey ahead.

5. **Aha Moments:** Just like finding keys in a bag, this program helps you uncover the values and motivations that have always been there but perhaps weren’t fully recognized. By examining your life’s story, you uncover ‘aha moments’ that crystallize your core values and how they influence your work and life.

Benefits of the Narrative Discovery Exercise:

– **Enhanced Self-Awareness:** Gain clarity on how your personal experiences shape your professional path.
– **Authentic Connections:** Learn to articulate your story in a way that resonates with clients, building trust and rapport.
– **Clarified Purpose:** Uncover your ‘why’—the driving force behind your work, informed by your life’s pivotal moments and values.
– **Strategic Future Planning:** By projecting your narrative into the future, set intentional goals aligned with your core values and desired legacy.

Who Is this For?

This exercise is perfect for entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone looking to:
– Deepen their self-understanding and how it impacts their professional life.
– Strengthen their personal brand through authentic storytelling.
– Connect their personal story to their leadership story

discover the keys to your personal and professional identity but also learn how to use them to unlock new opportunities, foster connections, and drive your purpose with clarity and conviction.

Competitive Analysis

What is your competitive advantage? Let’s crystallize your unique value proposition (UVP) in the crowded marketplace. This exercise is seeking to differentiate your offering and align closely with the evolving needs of your target market.

How it Works

By examining what customers value in your services versus those of your competitors, we delve into the core of what makes your business stand out. 

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Deep-Dive Competitive Analysis:** Learn to systematically evaluate your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Understand the market landscape and where you stand within it.

2. **Customer Value Brainstorming:** Engage in guided brainstorming sessions to uncover what your clients truly value in your services and how these preferences compare to the offerings of your competitors.

3. **Criteria-Based Evaluation:** Utilize a set of predefined criteria. Let’s say you are in the events business. Criteria could be complex logistics handling, cutting-edge technology integration, budgetary alignment, and innovation in event experiences, to assess both your and your competitors’ offerings.

4. **Graphical Value Proposition Identification:** Through the creation of comparative graphs, visually discern your competitive edge and pinpoint your unique value proposition. This visual approach makes it easier to understand your market positioning at a glance.

5. **Marketing Emphasis Strategy:** Armed with a clear understanding of your UVP, develop strategies to highlight these unique aspects in your marketing efforts, ensuring that your target audience recognizes the distinct benefits of choosing your services.

Benefits for Participants:

– **Enhanced Market Positioning:** Gain a clear understanding of how to position your services in the market to attract larger clients.
– **Focused Marketing Efforts:** Learn how to tailor your marketing messages to emphasize your unique strengths, based on solid competitive analysis.
– **Strategic Service Development:** Identify areas for innovation and improvement in your service offerings to meet and exceed customer expectations.
– **Increased Competitive Advantage:** Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to not just compete but lead in the event management industry.

Who is this for?

This exercise is ideal for professionals aiming to:
– Sharpen their competitive edge in a saturated market.
– Clearly define and communicate their unique value proposition.
– Strategically attract and retain larger, more discerning clients.
– Innovate and elevate their service or product to meet specific client needs.

What's Keeping Your Clients up at Night?

Introducing our “Insight-Driven Innovation Exercise,”  meticulously designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders focused on aligning their offerings with the real needs of their target market. In the competitive landscape of today, understanding and addressing the specific challenges keeping your ideal clients awake at night is not just an advantage—it’s essential for success. This workshop takes you beyond guesswork and into the realm of strategic, insight-driven product or service development.

How it Works

The exercise is built around a hands-on, practical exercise aimed at directly engaging with your potential clients to discover their most pressing concerns.  You’ll gain invaluable insights into the challenges they face, allowing you to tailor your solutions to meet these needs precisely.

Key Features of the Workshop:

1. **Scheduling for Success:** Learn how to create and utilize a Calendly link effectively, making it easy for your people to book time with you for a 15 minute discussions.

2. **Strategic Outreach:** We guide you through compiling a targeted list of industry professionals and crafting compelling outreach scripts. This ensures you’re not just reaching out but connecting in a way that encourages meaningful dialogue.

3. **Feedback-Driven Development:** Through interviews with at least 30 key figures in your ideal client profile, you’ll collect firsthand insights that directly inform the development of your product or service.

4. **Precision in Feedback:** Utilizing tools like Otter.ai for accurate transcription, we emphasize the importance of precision in capturing your interviewees’ thoughts and concerns, ensuring you have a detailed record to inform your innovation process.

5. **Theme Analysis and Application:** Post-interview, we’ll help you identify emerging themes and categorize concerns, which can then be leveraged to shape your thought leadership and refine your product or service offerings.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Direct Insight into Client Needs:** Move beyond assumptions and into actionable insights by understanding what truly concerns your target audience.
– **Enhanced Product Relevance:** Tailor your offerings to address the specific needs of your market, increasing relevance and demand.
– **Improved Communication:** Learn how to engage effectively with industry leaders, gathering the feedback that will inform your strategy and development.
– **Strategic Thought Leadership:** Use the insights gained to position yourself as a thought leader, addressing the key themes and concerns that matter most to your audience.

Who is this for?

This exercise is perfect for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are:
– Looking to innovate or pivot their product or service based on real market needs.
– Interested in developing a deeper understanding of their target audience.
– Keen on establishing thought leadership by addressing the most pressing issues in their industry.

By engaging directly with the concerns that matter to your target market, you’ll be positioned not just to succeed, but to lead in your industry.

Below are assets we can create to demonstrate your personal brand.


Introducing the “Solution Blueprint,” a tailored service designed for consultants, business leaders, and problem solvers who have developed distinctive methodologies for overcoming challenges within organizations. This exercise is dedicated to professionals who have navigated complex problems, crafted innovative solutions, and are now ready to distill their experiences into a comprehensive playbook. Whether you’re looking to share your insights with your team, clients, or the wider industry, this exercise provides the structure, guidance, and tools necessary to articulate your unique approach effectively.

How it Works

Our Solution Blueprint Exercise guides you through the process of reflecting on a specific challenge you’ve encountered and the unique strategy you employed to address it. From initial problem identification to the successful implementation of your solution, this exercise helps you construct a step-by-step playbook that not only highlights your unique approach but also showcases the reliability and effectiveness of your framework.

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Problem Identification:** Begin by articulating the core problem you faced, understanding the context and nuances that made it particularly challenging for the organization to solve on its own.

2. **Barrier Exploration:** Delve into the fears, concerns, and organizational barriers that prevented the problem from being addressed. This exploration helps in understanding the initial resistance and crafting a narrative that emphasizes the need for a unique solution.

3. **Solution Strategy:** Share the innovative approach you took to solve the problem, including the methodologies, tools, and techniques that were pivotal in your strategy. This is where your unique problem-solving signature becomes evident.

4. **Direct Benefits Analysis:** Highlight the immediate and long-term benefits experienced by the organization as a result of your intervention. This includes improved efficiencies, cost savings, enhanced productivity, or any other quantifiable gains.

5. **Proof of Concept:** Provide evidence that supports the effectiveness of your framework or system. This could be through case studies, testimonials, performance metrics, or any other form of validation that attests to the success of your approach.

6. **Framework Reliability:** Discuss why your framework or system is a reliable solution for similar problems, focusing on its adaptability, scalability, and replicability across different contexts or industries.

Who this is for?

– **Structured Playbook Development:** Transform your ad-hoc problem-solving experiences into a structured, replicable playbook that can be shared and implemented across various contexts.
– **Enhanced Credibility:** Establish yourself as a thought leader in your field by showcasing a proven track record of solving complex problems with innovative solutions.
– **Increased Visibility:** Use your playbook as a powerful marketing tool to highlight your unique value proposition to potential clients or employers.
– **Collaborative Learning:** Engage with peers and experts to refine your playbook, incorporating feedback and insights to enhance its effectiveness and applicability.

This exercise is for
– Consultants and advisors looking to formalize their problem-solving methodologies.
– Business leaders and managers who have successfully navigated complex organizational challenges.
– Innovators and strategists seeking to document and share their unique approaches to problem-solving.

Take the first step toward turning your unique problem-solving experiences into a tangible asset. By articulating your approach, successes, and insights, you’ll not only enhance your professional standing but also equip others with the tools they need to overcome similar challenges. Let’s transform your innovative solutions into a playbook that inspires and guides others toward success.

Case Study

Welcome to the “Case Study Mastery Exercise,” designed for professionals, consultants, and organizations keen on showcasing their success stories through compelling case studies. This workshop is perfect for those who have exceeded expectations, delivered exemplary results, and are now looking to share their achievements in a way that not only highlights their expertise but also attracts potential clients and partners.

How it Works

This exercise guides you through the entire process of creating impactful case studies, from identifying your standout projects to articulating the challenges, solutions, and outcomes in a narrative that captivates and convinces. Whether you’re documenting a financial turnaround, an innovative solution to a longstanding problem, or an above-and-beyond customer service experience, our workshop equips you with the tools and insights needed to create case studies that resonate with your target audience.

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Identifying Your Story:** Start by recalling a time when you created an exemplary experience or exceeded expectations. We help you pinpoint the most impactful stories that best represent your skills and successes.

2. **Understanding the Problem:** Delve deep into the problem you solved. We explore the challenges your client faced, what was keeping them up at night, and the fears and concerns that needed addressing.

3. **Solution Strategy:** Share your unique approach to solving the problem. This part of the workshop focuses on how you applied your expertise to overcome challenges and deliver results.

4. **Measuring Success:** Discuss the return on investment for the organization, whether financial or otherwise. Understanding and conveying the tangible benefits of your solution is key to an effective case study.

5. **Proof of Effectiveness:** We guide you through outlining the evidence that supports the success of your approach, such as performance metrics, testimonials, or before-and-after comparisons.

6. **Reliability of Your Framework:** Explain why your method or system is dependable and how it can be applied to similar challenges, ensuring potential clients understand the value and consistency of your work.

7. **Pricing Strategy Insights:** Discuss how you priced the job and provide insights into the pricing range for similar projects, helping others gauge market rates and value propositions.

8. **Leveraging Testimonials:** Learn how to incorporate client testimonials into your case studies effectively, adding credibility and personal insights into your narrative.

**Benefits for Participants:

– **Skill Enhancement:** Improve your ability to craft engaging and persuasive case studies that highlight your achievements and the tangible benefits you deliver.
– **Marketing Advantage:** Use your case studies as powerful marketing tools to demonstrate your expertise, attract new clients, and build your professional reputation.
– **Strategic Insight:** Gain insights into pricing strategies and market positioning, helping you better understand how to position your services competitively.
– **Networking Opportunities:** Connect with other professionals and experts, sharing experiences and strategies for success.

Who this is for?

This exercise is ideal for:
– Business professionals and consultants who want to showcase their success stories.
– Marketing and sales teams looking to enhance their case study creation skills.
– Organizations aiming to document and share their project successes and methodologies.

Turn your notable achievements into compelling narratives that showcase your expertise, attract potential clients, and set you apart in your industry. With expert guidance and practical insights, you’ll learn how to create case studies that not only tell a story but also sell your unique value proposition.

30 Piece Content Strategy

Elevate your online presence with our cutting-edge “Social Media Strategy Accelerator”  meticulously designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses ready to solidify their personal brand and connect deeply with their audience. After identifying your unique value proposition, understanding your clients’ needs, and defining the cornerstone of your personal brand, this service takes the next critical step: crafting a dynamic social media strategy that resonates, engages, and converts.

**Program Overview:**

Our Social Media Strategy Accelerator goes beyond basic content creation; it’s about strategically communicating your core message through carefully chosen subtopics that support your “one thing.” This program provides a structured framework to develop 15 compelling posts, each designed to captivate your audience with a compelling hook, share a transformative story, and conclude with a powerful call to action.

**Key Features of the Program:**

1. **Defining Subtopics:** Together, we’ll identify three subtopics that perfectly complement and enhance your main brand message. These subtopics are essential for creating a cohesive and engaging narrative across your social media channels.

2. **Content Framework Development:** Leveraging our expertise, we’ll help you build out a content framework for 15 strategic posts. Each post will be crafted to align with your overarching brand strategy, ensuring every piece of content serves your business goals.

3. **Crafting Compelling Hooks:** Learn the art of the hook, designed to grab attention within the first few seconds. Our strategies are based on proven methodologies that pique interest and keep your audience reading.

4. **Storytelling for Transformation:** Central to our approach is the power of storytelling. We guide you in sharing your personal or brand transformation stories, illustrating the impact of your unique value proposition on real-life challenges.

5. **Effective Calls to Action:** Every post will conclude with a strong call to action, encouraging your audience to engage further, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, or simply liking and sharing your content.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Enhanced Brand Cohesion:** Maintain a consistent and powerful brand message across all your social media platforms.
– **Increased Engagement:** Attract and retain the attention of your target audience with content that speaks directly to their needs and interests.
– **Greater Conversion Rates:** Turn followers into customers by seamlessly integrating calls to action that drive measurable outcomes.
– **Content Creation Confidence:** Gain confidence in your ability to create impactful, meaningful content with a strategic purpose.

Who Should Do this?

This program is ideal for:
– Entrepreneurs and professionals looking to elevate their personal brand on social media.
– Businesses seeking to enhance their social media presence with a strategic, content-driven approach.
– Social media managers and content creators aiming to refine their skills and produce result-oriented content.

Transform your approach to online content. With our expert guidance, you’ll not only amplify your brand’s voice but also create a lasting impact on your audience, driving engagement, loyalty, and growth. Let’s build a social media strategy that showcases your unique value, speaks directly to your clients’ needs, and elevates your brand to new heights.

Below are exercises devoted to getting clients.

Client Love Exercise

This exercise is designed for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to understand their client base on a deeper level, and strategically leverage this understanding to refine their services. This workshop is ideal for service providers who believe in the power of building strong, mutually rewarding relationships with their clients and wanting to do their best work.

How it works

Our exercise takes you on a comprehensive journey through the dynamics of your current client relationships. By examining the specifics of what your clients appreciate about your services and what you value about them, this exercise aims to uncover the essence of your successful partnerships. Through direct feedback, self-reflection, and detailed analysis, you’ll gain insights into how to replicate these successful elements with future clients, enhancing satisfaction on both sides.

Key Features of the Exercise

1. **Client Relationship Analysis:** Begin by identifying who your current clients are, the unique challenges they face, and how your offerings provide solutions. This foundational understanding sets the stage for deeper exploration.

2. **Mutual Appreciation Discovery:** Dive into the specifics of what your clients love about working with you and what you love about working with them. This section helps highlight the strengths of your client service approach and the qualities you value in a client.

3. **Testimonial Compilation:** Gather and analyze testimonials from your clients to understand their perspective on your working relationship. Testimonials are a valuable tool for identifying the aspects of your service that resonate most with your clientele.

4. **Commonality Identification:** Across different client relationships, identify common threads that point to your core strengths and the key needs you’re meeting. Understanding these commonalities is crucial for refining your value proposition and marketing strategy.

5. **Actionable Insights for Growth:** Based on the workshop’s findings, develop strategies to strengthen existing client relationships, attract similar clients, and enhance overall client satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits for Participants:

– **Enhanced Client Insight:** Gain a deeper understanding of your client base, including their needs, preferences, and the aspects of your service they value most.
– **Relationship Strengthening:** Identify and replicate the key factors that contribute to strong, positive client relationships across your business.
– **Service Refinement:** Use insights from the workshop to refine your offerings, ensuring they align closely with client needs and preferences.
– **Marketing and Communication Strategy:** Leverage the commonalities and positive feedback from clients to inform your marketing and communication efforts, attracting more of your ideal clients.

Who is this for?

This exercise is perfect for:
– Businesses of all sizes looking to deepen their understanding of their client base.
– Entrepreneurs and freelancers interested in building stronger, more rewarding client relationships.
– Service providers aiming to enhance client satisfaction and loyalty through personalized service.

By focusing on what makes your client relationships work, you’ll not only enhance client satisfaction and loyalty but also position your business for sustainable growth through strong, positive word-of-mouth and repeat business. Let’s unlock the full potential of your client relationships together.

Low Hanging Fruit

Unlock the potential of your personal and professional network with our “Immediate Impact Program,” designed to rapidly expand your business opportunities through strategic outreach. This exercise is tailored for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and anyone looking to leverage existing relationships to generate immediate results. By identifying 100 contacts you can confidently reach out to, this program not only boosts your business’s growth but also reinforces the value of your network.

How it works:

Our Immediate Impact Program focuses on the “Low Hanging Fruit Exercise,” a targeted approach to quickly identifying and engaging with individuals in your network who are most likely to provide referrals, direct business, or both. This hands-on program is about action and results, guiding you through the process of making meaningful connections, communicating your value proposition, and asking for business in a direct yet respectful manner.

**Key Features of the Program:**

1. **Strategic Contact Identification:** We start by helping you compile a list of 100 people from your personal and professional circles who you can approach. This list is carefully curated to focus on those most likely to be receptive and able to contribute to your business goals.

2. **Effective Outreach Strategies:** Learn how to craft compelling messages that clearly communicate what you are doing, the value you provide, and how your contacts can assist you. Our approach ensures your outreach is both professional and personal, maximizing the chances of a positive response.

3. **Referral Generation Techniques:** We cover the art of asking for referrals in a way that feels natural and respectful, turning your existing relationships into powerful conduits for new business opportunities.

4. **Direct Business Solicitation:** Beyond referrals, this program teaches you how to confidently ask for business directly, providing strategies to overcome objections and convert conversations into contracts.

5. **Follow-up and Relationship Management:** Effective follow-up strategies are key to maintaining momentum. Learn how to keep the conversation going, manage your contacts, and nurture these relationships for long-term success.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Rapid Business Growth:** By focusing on low-hanging fruit, you can see immediate results in terms of referrals, new clients, and business opportunities.
– **Enhanced Networking Skills:** Improve your ability to network effectively, turning casual contacts into strong business relationships.
– **Increased Confidence:** Gain the confidence to reach out to your network in a way that is assertive without being pushy, enhancing your professional image.
– **Strategic Relationship Development:** Learn how to strategically develop and leverage your relationships for mutual benefit, ensuring sustained growth and opportunities.

Who is this for?

This program is ideal for:
– Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking quick wins to boost their business.
– Sales professionals looking to enhance their pipeline and close more deals.
– Anyone interested in maximizing the potential of their existing network for business growth.

With the Low Hanging Fruit Exercise, you’re not just reaching out; you’re strategically engaging with your network to unlock immediate opportunities and pave the way for long-term success. Let’s harness the power of your connections and make an immediate impact on your business today.

The Price is Right

This is a critical exercise for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and service providers looking to price their services. Let’s equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to establish a pricing strategy that accurately reflects the value of your offerings, ensuring competitiveness and profitability in your niche market.

**Workshop Overview:**

Pricing is more than just a figure—it’s a reflection of your service’s value, your expertise, and the market demand. The exercise takes you on a comprehensive journey to understand the intrinsic value of your services, analyze market rates, and devise a pricing strategy that aligns with both your value proposition and customer expectations. Whether you’re transitioning from offering free services to charging for them or looking to optimize your current pricing model, this workshop provides the guidance you need to price it right.

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Understanding Your Service’s Value:** Delve deep into the benefits and transformations your service offers to clients, leveraging exercises like the “Client Love Exercise” to quantify the impact of your work.

2. **Effort and Cost Analysis:** Learn how to effectively measure the time, effort, and costs associated with delivering your service, including tools like toggl.com for accurate time tracking and expense management.

3. **Market and Competition Research:** Conduct thorough research on what others in your niche are charging, understanding how to position your pricing competitively while ensuring it reflects the quality and value you provide.

4. **Pricing Strategy Development:** Explore various pricing models and strategies to find one that best suits your service and market. This includes balancing the fine line between pricing too high or too low and understanding the psychological factors affecting purchasing decisions.

5. **Experimentation and Adjustment:** Gain insights into how to test and refine your pricing strategy based on market feedback and performance, ensuring continuous alignment with your business goals and customer expectations.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Confident Pricing Decisions:** Empower yourself to set prices with confidence, knowing they reflect the true value of your service and are competitive within your niche.
– **Increased Profitability:** Learn how to optimize your pricing for maximum profitability without compromising on client acquisition or satisfaction.
– **Strategic Market Positioning:** Position your service strategically in the market, attracting the right clients willing to pay for the value you offer.
– **Holistic Understanding of Pricing:** Move beyond simple cost-plus pricing to a value-based approach that considers all facets of your service, market demand, and competitive landscape.

Who is this for?

This exercise is perfect for:
– Entrepreneurs and business owners introducing a new service to the market.
– Freelancers and consultants looking to transition from free to paid services.
– Service providers seeking to revisit and optimize their current pricing models.

**Set Your Price, Add Your Value**

Take the first step towards mastering the art of pricing your services. With our expert guidance, practical exercises, and comprehensive analysis, you’ll learn how to set prices that not only reflect the value of your offerings but also support your business’s growth and success. Let’s unlock the potential of your pricing strategy together.

Below are exercises devoted to pitching for funding.

Pitching for Funding

Welcome to the “Funding Mastery,” a comprehensive program designed to empower founders with the tools and knowledge necessary to secure funding for their business. Through a blend of strategic guidance, industry insights, and practical exercises, this workshop will guide you in developing a clear, compelling pitch that not only showcases the unique aspects of your project but also appeals to potential investors, producers, and film funds.

Workshop Overview:

Our workshop is structured to cover all critical aspects of preparing and presenting your business or project for funding opportunities. From leveraging technology and industry networking to crafting a detailed business plan.

For example, let’s talk about

Marketing and Distribution Strategy
– Learn to devise a multifaceted marketing and distribution plan that encompasses releases, online platforms, and strategic partnerships.
– Explore innovative promotional strategies to maximize visibility and audience reach.

Financial Projections
– Gain expertise in creating a comprehensive budget that covers pre-production, production, and post-production expenses, along with marketing and distribution costs.
– Understand how to forecast potential revenue streams, including sales, merchandise, and distribution deals, to present a viable financial outlook to investors.

 Investment Plan
– Master the art of articulating your funding needs clearly, detailing how the investment will be allocated, and presenting a compelling case for the return on investment (ROI) through various revenue channels.
– Identify and engage potential investors by demonstrating the financial viability and potential profitability of your project.

Risk Assessment
– Learn to identify and analyze potential risks and challenges that could impact your production and distribution.
– Develop comprehensive contingency and mitigation strategies to ensure the success of your product or service, even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

Management Team
– Showcase the strength of your project by presenting a strong management team, highlighting their experience, qualifications, and previous successes.
– Prepare detailed profiles, production timetables, and portfolios to build confidence in your team’s capability to deliver a successful project.

Workshop Benefits:
– **Comprehensive Skill Development:** From marketing strategies to financial planning and risk management, enhance your ability to manage all aspects of  funding and production.
– **Investor Engagement:** Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to attract and secure investment from the right partners.
– **Project Viability:** Learn how to present your project as a viable and attractive investment, with clear financial projections and a solid return on investment.
– **Industry Insights:** Benefit from the latest trends and strategies in your industry

Who is this for?

This workshop is ideal for independent filmmakers, producers, and creative professionals looking to secure funding for their projects. Whether you’re in the early stages of development or preparing to pitch to investors, this workshop will provide valuable insights and strategies to enhance your chances of success.

With expert guidance and practical exercises, you’ll leave equipped to craft an irresistible pitch to managing financials and mitigating risks.  

Below are exercises devoted to deep mindset work and shifts.

The Worst Headline Exercise

Introducing the  “Worst Headline” exercise. This unique workshop is designed for individuals seeking to confront and overcome their deepest fears and insecurities. By imagining the most damaging headline about oneself, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, guided by a series of introspective questions.

**Workshop Overview:**

The Worst Headline exercise is a catalyst for profound personal growth. It challenges participants to confront their worst fears about how they are perceived by others and to reflect on moments of their lives where they may not have lived up to their own or others’ expectations. Through guided reflection, this workshop provides a safe space for individuals to explore their vulnerabilities, understand their triggers, and begin the process of embracing and transforming them.

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Imaginative Reflection:** Participants start by visualizing the most damaging headline they could possibly see about themselves, tapping into deep-seated fears and insecurities.

2. **Guided Self-Inquiry:** Through a series of structured questions, individuals are encouraged to reflect on instances of their perceived shortcomings, the role of honesty and integrity in their lives, and the triggers that stir up emotional responses.

3. **Embracing Vulnerability:** The workshop focuses on strategies for accepting and overcoming personal flaws and triggers, fostering a mindset of growth and self-compassion.

4. **Healing and Transformation:** Participants are guided through a process of reconciling with their past actions and thoughts, aiming to transform their relationship with themselves and how they perceive their actions.

5. **Journaling for Growth:** A key component of the workshop is the encouragement of journaling as a tool for ongoing self-reflection and emotional processing, providing a tangible record of insights and progress.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Increased Self-Awareness:** Gain a deeper understanding of personal triggers and insecurities, and how they impact behavior and self-perception.
– **Emotional Resilience:** Develop strategies for managing negative emotions and transforming them into opportunities for personal growth.
– **Improved Self-Compassion:** Learn to approach personal flaws with kindness and understanding, fostering a healthier self-image.
– **Actionable Insights:** Leave with practical steps to embrace and overcome personal challenges, supported by the insights gained through the exercise.

Who is this for?

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to deepen their self-awareness, overcome personal challenges, and improve their emotional wellbeing. It is particularly beneficial for individuals feeling stuck due to past actions or perceived failures, and those seeking to develop a more compassionate relationship with themselves.

Through the Worst Headline exercise, unlock the power of self-reflection to confront your deepest fears, understand your triggers, and embrace a path of healing and growth. Sign up today and take the first step towards a more resilient and compassionate self.

Fear Exercise

Introducing the “Empowerment Through Vulnerability: The Fear Exercise Workshop,” a transformative experience designed to prepare individuals for public speaking engagements, like a TED Talk, by confronting and releasing their deepest fears. This workshop is tailored for anyone who faces anxiety, self-doubt, or fear at the thought of speaking in public, especially those who experience the pressure of performing or the pangs of Imposter Syndrome.

**Workshop Overview:**

The Fear Exercise Workshop offers a unique approach to understanding and overcoming the fears associated with public speaking. Through guided reflection, participants are encouraged to articulate all their fears related to giving a TED Talk or any public speaking engagement. This process not only acknowledges these fears but also sets the stage for a powerful exercise in vulnerability and support with a partner.

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Guided Fear Identification:** Participants spend focused time introspecting and writing down every fear they associate with their upcoming public speaking opportunity, from the fear of judgment to the dread of not living up to expectations.

2. **Partnered Fear Sharing:** In a supportive environment, participants pair up to vocalize their fears to each other. This act of sharing and receiving thanks in return serves as a potent exercise in vulnerability and mutual support.

3. **Acknowledgment and Release:** By speaking fears out loud and having them acknowledged by a partner, participants can begin to confront and release these fears, reducing their power.

4. **Strategies for Confidence:** Beyond acknowledgment, the workshop provides strategies to transform these fears into confidence, ensuring participants can approach their speaking engagements with authenticity and assurance.

5. **Community Support:** The workshop fosters a sense of community and mutual support among participants, emphasizing that fears and doubts are universal experiences that can be alleviated through shared understanding.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Increased Self-Awareness:** Gain insight into personal fears and how they impact your performance and mindset.
– **Enhanced Confidence:** Learn to transform fear into confidence, preparing you to deliver your talk with authenticity and courage.
– **Emotional Resilience:** Develop strategies to manage and mitigate fears related to public speaking, enhancing overall emotional resilience.
– **Supportive Community:** Experience the power of vulnerability within a supportive group, fostering connections that extend beyond the workshop.

**Who Should Attend?**

This workshop is ideal for anyone preparing for a TED Talk or any public speaking engagement, including professionals, educators, activists, and creatives who wish to confront and overcome their fears to deliver impactful, confident presentations.

Take the first step towards facing and releasing your public speaking fears. This workshop is not just about preparing for a TED Talk; it’s about transforming your relationship with fear, so you can step onto any stage with confidence and authenticity. Embrace this opportunity to confront your fears, share in a supportive environment, and move forward empowered and ready to speak your truth.

Personal Law Exercise

Introducing the “Breaking Through Barriers: The Personal Law Exercise Workshop,” a transformative program designed to help speakers, professionals, and anyone preparing for a significant public speaking event, like a TEDxTalk, confront and overcome their deepest negative beliefs about themselves. This workshop is particularly beneficial as you prepare to take the stage, ensuring that you are not held back by unfounded self-criticisms or limiting beliefs.

**Workshop Overview:**

The Personal Law Exercise Workshop is a deep dive into the self-imposed “laws” or beliefs that dictate our feelings and behaviors in high-pressure situations such as public speaking. By identifying, acknowledging, and challenging these beliefs, participants can free themselves from negative self-perceptions and approach their speaking engagements with newfound confidence and authenticity.

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Identification of Negative Beliefs:** Through guided reflection, participants will pinpoint the significant negative beliefs they hold about themselves in the context of public speaking, writing them down to acknowledge their presence and impact.

2. **Sentence Completion Exercise:** Participants will complete a series of prompts designed to unearth their most deep-seated fears and self-criticisms related to public speaking, facilitating a candid exploration of their internal barriers.

3. **Emotional Charge Analysis:** By reviewing their responses, participants will identify which beliefs carry the most emotional weight, indicating the “personal laws” that most significantly affect their performance and mindset.

4. **Debunking and Restructuring:** Through a combination of cognitive-behavioral techniques and positive psychology, participants will learn strategies to challenge and reframe their negative beliefs, replacing them with empowering and supportive thoughts.

5. **Peer Support and Sharing:** The workshop fosters a supportive environment where participants can share their experiences and insights, offering and receiving encouragement from peers undergoing similar journeys.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Enhanced Self-Understanding:** Gain deep insights into how negative beliefs have been holding you back and where they originate from.
– **Increased Confidence:** Learn practical tools to dismantle these beliefs and replace them with positive, empowering ones, boosting your confidence on stage.
– **Emotional Resilience:** Develop the emotional resilience to manage and overcome the anxieties associated with public speaking.
– **Supportive Community:** Benefit from the collective wisdom and support of a group of peers dedicated to personal growth and improvement in public speaking.

Who is this for?

This workshop is perfect for TEDx speakers, professionals, educators, activists, and anyone facing the challenge of public speaking who wants to overcome personal obstacles and deliver their message with confidence and authenticity.

By confronting and reshaping the negative beliefs that cloud your perception of yourself as a speaker, you’ll be equipped to step onto the stage with confidence, ready to engage your audience and share your ideas freely. Don’t let unfounded fears hold you back from making an impact—sign up today and unlock your full potential as a speaker.

Below are exercises designed to draft your legacy.

Designing Future You

Welcome to the “Designing Future You” Workshop, an innovative and transformative program designed to guide individuals through the process of envisioning and creating their desired future selves. This workshop takes participants on a journey of self-discovery, closure, and strategic planning, empowering them to break free from the constraints of their past and current realities to forge a path towards a future aligned with their true aspirations and potential.

**Workshop Overview:**

The “Designing Future You” Workshop is structured around three pivotal steps, each carefully curated to facilitate profound personal growth and actionable change. Through a combination of journaling, reflection, and strategic analysis, participants will close incomplete loops from their past, identify the key actions that will shape their future, and adopt new narratives that bring their future selves into the present.

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Closing Incomplete Loops:** Participants begin by identifying and addressing unresolved issues, traumas, or relationships that are holding them back. Through guided journaling, individuals will find closure and reframe past experiences as stepping stones rather than obstacles.

2. **80/20 Analysis for Personal Growth:** Engage in an insightful analysis to determine the crucial 20% of your actions and relationships that significantly impact your future. This step helps in identifying and eliminating the 80% that does not serve your future self, allowing for more focused and effective personal development.

3. **Crafting a New Narrative:** Learn the power of generative language to start embodying your future self now. Participants will be guided to use new, empowering language in their daily lives, effectively bridging the gap between their current and future selves.

4. **Letter to Your Future Self:** As a culmination of the workshop, participants will write a letter to themselves six months into the future, integrating all they have learned and planned. This letter serves as a powerful reminder of their goals, commitments, and the transformative journey they have embarked on.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Achieve Closure:** Find peace with past experiences and relationships, clearing the way for future growth.
– **Gain Clarity and Focus:** Identify the actions and habits that are truly beneficial to your future, enabling you to invest your time and energy more wisely.
– **Embrace Your Future Self:** Start living as your future self now, through the adoption of new language and perspectives that align with your aspirations.
– **Personal Transformation:** Embark on a journey of personal transformation that not only envisions a future self but actively starts to bring it into existence.

**Who Should Attend?**

This workshop is perfect for individuals feeling stuck in their current circumstances, those seeking to overcome past traumas or challenges, and anyone aspiring to create a future that reflects their true desires and potential. Whether you’re looking to change careers, improve personal relationships, or simply live a more fulfilled life, this workshop offers the tools and support needed to make those dreams a reality.

**Join Us and Design Your Future**

Enroll in the “Designing Future You” Workshop and take the first step towards creating the life you’ve always wanted. This is more than just a workshop; it’s a journey towards becoming the best version of yourself, equipped with the knowledge, tools, and support to turn your envisioned future into your present reality. Sign up today and begin crafting a future that excites, inspires, and truly belongs to you.

Your Life is a Wealth of Knowledge. Are You Tapping Into It?

Discover the unparalleled strength of your personal experiences with the “Unlocking Your Narrative Power: Your Life Is a Wealth of Knowledge Workshop.” This transformative program is designed for individuals preparing for public speaking engagements, such as TEDxTalks, writers facing the daunting blank page, or anyone seeking to harness the power of their life stories to connect, inspire, and lead.

**Workshop Overview:**

Drawing inspiration from Lawrence Block’s approach to overcoming writer’s block and building on the principle that public speaking is as much about courage as it is about confidence, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to delve into your personal history and unearth the stories that set you apart. Whether you’re navigating the pressures of performance, battling Imposter Syndrome, or simply questioning the value of your voice, this workshop is tailored to help you recognize and articulate the wealth of knowledge your life represents.

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Exercise A – Mining Your Experience:** Participants engage in a guided brainstorming session to list life experiences that can enrich their writing or speaking. From professional milestones to deeply personal journeys, this exercise encourages you to view every aspect of your life as a potential source of inspiration.

2. **Exercise B – Expanding Your Experiential Bank:** Looking forward, participants will identify new experiences they wish to pursue, reinforcing the idea that personal growth and exploration can significantly enhance one’s narrative depth.

3. **Storytelling Mastery:** Learn how to weave your unique experiences into compelling stories that resonate with your audience, whether on the page, the stage, or in the boardroom.

4. **Courageous Authenticity:** Shift the focus from confidence to courage, empowering you to share your truth authentically and impactfully, no matter the audience.

5. **Public Speaking and Writing Insights:** Beyond personal reflection, the workshop offers practical advice on public speaking and writing, helping you to present your stories in ways that captivate and engage.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Personal Empowerment:** Discover the unique value of your life experiences and how they can serve as a powerful foundation for your narrative.
– **Enhanced Authenticity:** Learn to embrace and articulate your personal journey with courage, enhancing your authenticity in public speaking or writing.
– **Creative Inspiration:** Find inspiration in both past experiences and future aspirations, unlocking new avenues for creative expression.
– **Community and Sharing:** Benefit from the support and insights of a community of like-minded individuals, all exploring the richness of their own stories.

Who is his for?

This workshop is perfect for:

– Individuals preparing for TEDxTalks or other public speaking engagements.
– Writers seeking to deepen their storytelling with personal experiences.
– Anyone interested in using their life stories for personal or professional development.

Whether you’re aiming to captivate an audience, enrich your writing, or simply understand the value of your experiences more deeply, this workshop offers the tools and support you need to unlock your narrative power. Embrace the courage to share your unique perspective and transform your experiences into a compelling narrative that resonates and inspires.

Map Your 5 Year Plan

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our “Core Desires Exploration Workshop,” a meticulously designed program to help you identify and achieve your deepest desires across all facets of your life. This transformative workshop is ideal for anyone looking to gain clarity on their 5 year plan.

**Workshop Overview:**

Through the Core Desires Exercise, participants will engage in a comprehensive evaluation of various life aspects, including relationships, health, finance, and lifestyle. This exercise not only aids in pinpointing areas of current satisfaction and dissatisfaction but also sets the stage for targeted improvement by identifying what stands in the way of achieving full satisfaction. By the end of the workshop, you will have a clearer understanding of your core desires and how to align your life’s decisions with these fundamental goals.

**Key Features of the Workshop:**

1. **Life Satisfaction Wheel:** Participants will create their own Life Satisfaction Wheel, labeling each spoke to represent crucial life areas such as relationships, health, and finance. This visual tool serves as a foundation for reflection and assessment.

2. **Current Satisfaction Assessment:** Through guided introspection, you will rank your current level of satisfaction in each area on a scale of 1-10. This process helps identify where you are thriving, where you are merely coasting, and where improvement is desired.

3. **Identification of Barriers:** Explore what is preventing you from achieving higher satisfaction in areas where you are least content. This step is crucial for understanding the obstacles that may be hindering your progress towards your core desires.

4. **Emotional Alignment:** For each core area, participants will identify one key emotion they wish to feel, clarifying their top core desires. This emotional mapping guides future decision-making, ensuring choices are in harmony with achieving these desired feelings.

5. **Strategic Action Planning:** With a clear understanding of your core desires and current satisfaction levels, the workshop provides strategies for setting goals and taking actionable steps to align your life with your core desires.

**Benefits for Participants:**

– **Enhanced Self-Awareness:** Gain deep insights into what truly matters to you across different areas of your life.
– **Clarity on Core Desires:** Identify and prioritize your core desires, setting a clear direction for personal growth and fulfillment.
– **Actionable Improvement Plans:** Develop personalized strategies to increase satisfaction in key life areas, overcoming identified barriers.
– **Decision-Making Framework:** Utilize your core desires as a lens for making life decisions, ensuring alignment with your overarching goals and values.
– **Community Support:** Engage with a supportive community of like-minded individuals, sharing experiences, challenges, and successes.

Who is this for?

This workshop is perfect for individuals seeking clarity on their life’s direction, professionals contemplating a career change, or anyone feeling stuck or unsatisfied in certain areas of their life. If you’re ready to live more intentionally and align your daily choices with your deepest desires, this workshop is for you.

**Transform Your Life with Core Desires Exploration**

Discover your true desires, understand the barriers to achieving them, and learn how to map your 5 year plan.

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