A group of us are celebrating a member birthday in South America. After a cooking class kick-off, our takeaways. It was so much more than culinary.

Cooking Coconut Rice

In Cartagena, Colombia
A group of us are celebrating a member birthday in South America. Member Shanam Kapoor, who traditionally hosts team-building activities back home, found a cooking class to kick the week off. But, what we learned, was so much more than culinary.

We come from a fast culture in New York. I shove breakfast down my gullet as I run for the bus and apply mascara at the same time. But here in sleepy Cartagena, the heat forces everyone to slow down. We have flown to South America to celebrate a member birthday. For our first night as a group, we engaged in a 3-hour cooking class on Airbnb experiences. My takeaways.

This week’s LadyDrinks Member Spotlight is on graphic designer and illustrator Navina Chhabria. I worked with her to design the cover of my memoir The Perfect Indian Daughter. I’m someone who usually has a clear vision of what I want. On this count, I had –none. I figured if I knew so little about the design and illustration process, others may have similar questions. My Q&A with Navina, breaking it all down.

I have attended two of Joe Apfelbaum’s virtual workshops and saw immediate returns. The number of people I’m networking with DAILY has gone up. The thought leadership I am generating has gone up. My overall views of my profile have gone up. At the end of the day, we are all building personal and professional brands. We are also looking to cultivate new business.

This course specifically helps people change the way they use LinkedIn for networking and sales; students who take the course will develop the strategy, assets, and accountability to be consistent with social marketing efforts. Our audience is mainly consultants, coaches, business owners, people in sales, or anyone who wants to learn how to leverage LinkedIn to build relationships, make connections, and grow their business.

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