A 3-Step Framework for Storytelling | Advice I would give myself if I was starting now

A 3-Step Framework

The job market has ‘rightsized’ several of my female clients.

As I sit across sales calls all week long, I see it.

You want to do storytelling to magnetize, attract your next opportunity, but there is alot of knowledge that sits between the ears. You have logged 55 hour weeks for so long, there was no time to write it down.

Now there’s time, but the analysis, paralysis kicks in.

What do I say? Where do I start storytelling? Am I boasting? Will it actually create my next job or board seat?

The answer is ‘yes’

I’m writing this newsletter to myself 12 years ago, when I first started my business.

It’s this process that helped me grow to 10K followers on LInkedIn, 3500 followers on Youtube. 3,000 to this newsletter.

It’s a reliable framework that you can use for your thought leadership.

Let’s dive in.

First -A Story

My previous life was a news anchor on Wall Street. So much of our market analysis comes from very smart people like Lisa M. Shalett, former partner at Goldman Sachs. However, she didn’t start at that lofty title.

Her first job at Goldman was selling Japanese equities. It was a market that traded opposite hours to the US markets and was considered a ‘dead time zone.’ But Lisa saw it as an opportunity.

She talked to smart people in Japan all day long. (She spoke the language). She was knowledgeable about trends and where US mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds could make money. So what did she do? She started an email.

She did 3 strategic things with it:

  • Anytime, she met a colleague on the trading floor, she would offer to add them to her email distribution. She had a tool.
  • In the emails, she only shared insights that no one else in the room had, but were relevant to their clients.
  • She created the email with no expectation of return.

You know what happened? Her colleagues started asking her to get on calls with clients to talk about opportunities in Japan.

She built a network on the trading floor.

More importantly, she built a strong personal brand: JAPAN.

Could your colleagues be the end user for unique insights you have?

Whether you are a lawyer, an IT person who sits at the intersection of data and financial services, or a marketing whiz, what is the unique way you solve problems? And could your colleagues be the first on your newsletter?

I learned this from a bright young thing at the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. He was leaving his position, but smartly created a ‘brag list’ to announce where he was going, what he would be doing at the new job, and the new email where he could be reached.

He sent it to everyone he had ever worked with in his whole 23-year-old life.

What to say to your colleagues

I recommend these three steps when I am working with clients

  1. Figure out what brand you already have. Ask 6 people (who are not people pleasers) to give you honest feedback on these questions:
  • What do you see when I walk into a room? What’s the first impression I make?
  • What skills can I improve to be a better ________
  • What do I do well now?
  • What can I improve on in the future?
  • What is the one word you think of when you think of me? What do you associate me with?

2. Survey 30 ideal clients or companies you wish to work for and ask “What is keeping them up at night?” What are their pain points?

  • Set up a Calendly link to make scheduling easy.
  • Ask for no more than 15 minutes of their time.
  • The goal is to be exacting in recycling their language when writing your posts

3. Number one tells you your “JAPAN.” The one topic you will speak to a 100 different ways.

Number two tells you what the market wants. These are your subtopics.

Step number 3 is marrying one & two with stories from your career history.


Rather than make it abstract, I’m sharing via a client example:

You observed a big bank did not have the right steps in place to manage risk as sh** was hitting the fan.

What was at stake? Bankruptcy

What was life like before you got called into the boiler room? No algorithms in place as to how to manage the scenarios that played out in the subsequent weeks. What happened when YOU stepped in with your unique way of solving the problem? You, known for your out-of-the-box thinking, created scenarios nobody had thought of for the bank to manage the subsequent weeks.

What was life like afterwards? The bank was acquired.

What did you learn from that engagement?




Use this framework each time you are thinking of sharing your knowledge. It’s way easier than starting from scratch.

Also, note that I cited the company anonymously. The reader is more interested in the strategy that is intrinsically yours, versus the name of the client. You bring that problem solving to their situation.

Give the framework a try, and see what a difference it makes.

Your audience (and your future self) will thank you.


Only you can be your greatest lover. Only you can be your greatest friend and teacher. There is no voice that will ever teach you greater than your own. There is no word written that will ever teach you greater than your own. Who you are this day is the answer to everything you have ever wanted. —

  – The White Book by Ramtha


Joya Dass

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