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What I Did Last Week - Version 12

I was looking at my calendar on Sunday and I got SO excited.

You know why?

No imminent adventure was looming, save for a Wednesday lecture at the Met.

I had **uck all on my calendar. TOTAL WHITE SPACE.

Part of it was intentional and by design. My Mastermind is getting ready to give their Tedx style talks on a NYC stage. This week, I begin coaching them for the next 8 weeks. I had co-hosted a similar production back in 2016. I need the white space.


How I created it?

🔵 By saying ‘no.’ I shared a great script in Tuesday’s newsletter on how to do it gracefully.

🔵 By cancelling things I originally said ‘yes’ to. I’m allowed to change my mind.

🔵 Not associating ‘busy’ with an elevated ‘social status.’ Dorie Clark, author of “Stand Out” said once in a webinar, “We’ve grown to associate an elevated social status by going around telling everyone ‘how busy we are.'” I’m not going through life ‘unconscious’ anymore.

Now on to “What I did Last Week”


I was hosting one of my signature Mastermind conversations, but at a NEW LOCATION! A recap of Saturday’s Mastermind Lunch with 8 women.

Find! Golden Fleece wine at Jason’s Vineyard. Holy cow. I need to figure out how to source it locally in Brooklyn.


Since I had worked all day Saturday, I was determined to take some down time Sunday. Matt and I walked over to the Brooklyn Heights french bakery L’appartement. (It’s where I go when I’m missing Paris.)

On the Brooklyn Promenade, we had great fun engaging in artist Felix Morelo’s chalk-drawn designated “kissing spots” and “hugging spots.” Honestly, most days, I think he’s going left, when I’m going right. He’s speaking German, and I’m speaking Japanese. But at least for a Sunday, we were going in the same direction.


I went to a conversation between the directors of two of the biggest museums in the world. The Director of Louvre, for the first time in 230 year history of the Museum–is a woman. She shares her strategy for the future of the museum here.

Amanda Wick, CEO and Founder of the Association of Women in Cryptocurrency and I recorded a limited edition podcast on our mutual love of adventure and ‘being out there.’ Our podcast makes its grand debut here.

This week, I tried out the Mindset App with daily motivational videos uploaded. Have you tried it? It’s rife with motivational audios from people like Les Brown, who wrote one of the first self help books I read at 23, David Goggins, Zig Ziglar. My favorite quote: “A warrior knows compassion. He/she wields a blade in one hand, and compassion in the other.”

What I’m Looking Forward To

I have booked trips for 2024, including glamping in Moab April for Matt’s birthday. Did you know that Utah is the happiest state in America? and THIS–my two months in Nice, France next June/July. My Airbnb is booked and my 57 foot Flybridge Motor Yacht to the Underwater Museum in Cannes is booked. &*( I can’t wait.

Want to be a part of my Mastermind for 2024 and do this adventure? Apply here.

Sunday, If I can take a yoga class with Valerie Verdier at Modo Yoga, I do. I’m transported to her native Haiti when I hear her magical, lyrical voice.

Will the rain ever stop? Eyeing this Blunt Umbrella in the smallest size “metro” 39.4 inches so I can shove it in my bag.

I can’t wait to wear this Duvet Wrap Puffer Vest from the Gap for fall. Matt says I look like Steven Segal. I live in these blue buttery soft tights, these fern green ones, and these brown ones on the weekends from Athleta. I have (ahem) assets, so I wear them in L with this matching top, which I have in so many colors, I’ve lost track. I also like this silhouette.

VIP Day in Barcelona

I can take 2 more VIP Day clients this year in New York.

Dates are Oct 30th and November 10th.

AND I can take one more client in Barcelona Dec 5-7.

This is a day long intensive to work on your storytelling and content that converts clients. I’ll throw in a bonus month of coaching if you sign up now.

Are you looking to do your thought leadership strategy in Paris, London or Florence in 2024. Be sure to be added to my Client Queue. Book a minimum of 30 days in advance. You have homework to complete. With international trips, I’m also building you an immersive cultural experience. 

As always, I’ll be sharing snippets of my trips on my Instagram @joyadass but I also post daily diaries on Linkedin. But, as you know, I always hold back the best of the best for my newsletter subscribers. Sign up here.

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